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Chapter 882: You Can Choose Me

Once she got into the car, the cool air inside relieved the blazing heat of summer.

Yun Xi looked toward the man who was in the car.

He was lying back on the seat with his eyes closed, which emphasized his wide forehead and prominent nose.

Even though his deep eyes were closed, it couldnt hide the allure of his handsome face.

Perhaps it was because he was in the military, but there was an aura of pride and majesty about him.

In addition, he came from the noble Mu family, so whatever he did, there was a sense of composed elegance in his every move.

It had been two months since shed last seen him, and he seemed to have slimmed down a little.

She suddenly remembered that before they had gotten in the car, Qi Yuan had told her, “Today is the Young Commanders birthday.”

She hadnt known when Mu Feichis birthday was, so when Qi Yuan suddenly mentioned it, she was utterly unprepared.

Moreover, it seemed as if he had just returned from the military region, which meant that there was no telling when he would need to leave again.

The exercise hadnt started yet, but the training was being done in complete seclusion.

Since his position was as the Young Commander, hed likely sneaked out secretly.

“Young Commander, why are you here”

Mu Feichi opened his eyes slightly, and his gaze landed on her soft little face.

It had been quite a while since hed last seen her, and hed missed her a lot.

His sweet darling was really becoming cuter and prettier by the day.

No matter how many people had their eyes on her, he wouldnt be willing to ever let her go.

“I was just passing by, so I came to fetch you.

How was the exam”

He had already experienced many life-and-death situations defending the country, while his sweetheart had only just completed her high school graduation exams.

In this mortal world, there was nothing else more gratifying and delightful than seeing her grow up and gradually become closer to him.

“Not bad.

If I could obtain first place, I would be able to make my ancestors proud.”

“If you get first place, what reward do you want”

“Is any reward okay” Yun Xi thought about it, then turned toward him looking surprised.

Her gleaming eyes blinked as she had already started to ponder about what reward she wanted.

Mu Feichi closed his eyes partially, a faint smile could be seen in his eyes as he said, “Anything you want is fine.”

Whatever she wanted, and that he had, he would give it to her.

If he didnt have it, hed try in every way to get it for her.

She had never made any requests from him.

After coming back from the mountains, they had become much closer, and she no longer hid from him like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

Such a great excuse to give her something, how could he not use it

“I want that Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle from your training camp.”

Mu Feichi was a little taken aback.

He had initially thought that she would make some special request.

He didnt think that she would only want that sniper rifle that he had already planned to give to her anyway.

“That doesnt count, choose another present.

Ive told you.

Only when youve practiced and familiarized yourself with weapons, then well find a sniper rifle thats truly suited to you, and Ill give you that gun.

Now that youre finished with your exams, you can go back to the mountains to practice.

If theres anything you dont understand.

you can just wait until Im back.”

“Other than this, theres nothing else that I really want.”

“You can also choose me as what you want.” Mu Feichi pointed at himself, giving her a look as he recommended himself to her.

“…” Choose him What kind of joke was this

“Whats wrong with choosing me I can warm your bed, accompany you to sleep, teach you shooting and weaponry, and I can feed you till youre satisfied.”

“Can you please talk properly” The more he spoke, the more flirty and weird he got.

Yun Xis face turned red as she kicked him in the leg.

“Im sending myself right to your doorstep, and you dont want me Babe, you gotta understand, if you chose me, its equivalent to obtaining everything that you want in life.

Whats mine is yours!”

“Since whats yours is mine, then what reward would I need Isnt it all already mine”

Yun Xi was really embarrassed and didnt quite know how to react to Mu Feichi flirting with her right in front of Qi Yuan.

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