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Chapter 88: An Ostracized Jinx

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With help from memories from her previous life, Yun Xi located the Academic Affairs Office and reported her attendance to her homeroom teacher first.

Teacher Xu, her homeroom teacher, saw her, and then remembered orders from above to take special care of her, so he took her along to the classroom.

It just so happened that the first class in the afternoon was his Chinese class.

Teacher Xu introduced the newly transferred Yun Xi to the class from the podium.

Standing on the podium, Yun Xi glanced at the classroom nonchalantly and saw Liang Xinyi, as expected.

Classes 1, 2, and 3 were all advanced classes.

Yun Xi and Liang Xinyi were both transfer students and had been assigned to class 3.

Liang Xinyi had been busy making connections with people all over the classroom throughout the morning.

While she did so, she was also throwing Yun Xi under the bus.

Shed been spreading so much antipathy that when Yun Xi arrived in the classroom, everyone tacitly looked toward Liang Xinyi.

There really were two transfer students in the class.

All her classmates stared at her with bizarre expressions.

With an impassive expression, Yun Xi stared at Liang Xinyi, who had an insufferably smug expression on her face.

Teacher Xu assigned her seating.

“Yang Lu, the new classmate Yun Xi will be sitting next to you.”

“Teacher!” Yang Luzhan stood up with an unhappy expression.

“Teacher, I dont want to sit at the same desk with her!”

“Why Students should help each other out, shouldnt they”

“It also depends on who it is! Her cousin said that she was a jinx.

If she sits next to me and gives me bad luck, what should I do if I dont get into college I dont want to sit at the same table with her.”

“As a student in your junior year of high school, how can you be so superstitious! Learning depends on personal diligence and knowledge.

If it really was such a supernatural process, you might as well go to the temple every day to burn incense and worship Buddha.”

“I just dont want to sit with her.”

Yun Xi pursed her lips and turned to look at Teacher Xu, “Teacher, I will sit alone in the back row.”

The desks and chairs in the classroom were all in a row with two people per desk, so she wouldnt be affecting anyone by moving a desk to sit alone in the back.

“Are you nearsighted Will you be able to see the blackboard from back there”

“No, Im not nearsighted.

I can see just fine.”

“Thats good! You can move a table to the end of the middle row.

If the seating position isnt good enough, you can let me know.”

“Thank you, teacher!”

Mu Feichi had probably given him a heads up, so the teacher was especially courteous toward her.

In this era, power was a convenient thing to have no matter what industry one was in.

After stepping down from the podium, Yun Xi held a stack of new books and deliberately chose to walk past Liang Xinyi.

She walked slowly with a bright smile on her face.

The more she smiled, the more awkward it was for Liang Xinyi.

However, she wasnt worried.

Now that all the classmates knew that she was a jinx, everyone would stay far away from her.

The feeling of being ostracized would be enough for her to bear.

Moreover, she had her aunt to back her, so she didnt have to worry about being kicked out of the Yun familys house.

On the other hand, this wretched girl was the one the entire family hated, and she had a myriad of chances to torment her.

So what if the Chen family and the Jiang family backed her

Those sort of distinguished families valued luck the most.

If they knew that she was a jinx, who would dare approach her in the future

She couldnt help but think about her aunts plan.

When she thought about how Yun Xi would be sent back to the countryside soon, she couldnt help but rejoice.

She had three classes in the afternoon.

Because of Liang Xinyis big mouth, everyone stayed far away from her after class, and no one dared to approach her area.

Even the classmates who had to go out the back door went out of the way to exit from the front door, just to stay as far away from her as possible.

The classmates ostracized her so unabashedly, but Yun Xi didnt care and kept her head down as she skimmed through the new books shed just received.

Now that shed been reborn, seeing these things once again felt so familiar yet distant at the same time.

However, this did not affect her good mood.

Everything had been reset, so she had many opportunities.

In the last class session, Mr.

Xu issued a notice for the start of a school practice test.

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