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Chapter 865: Liang Xinyis Trick

Zhao Yumo wasnt sure what trap Yun Xi had set, but when she heard that Yun Xis uncle was going to make an appearance, she was a little taken aback.

“You invited your uncle to come Doesnt he live in the countryside”

“I didnt invite him to come.

The elections in Jingdu have just concluded, and the Representatives Conference is about to start soon.

My uncle is coming here for the Conference together with the representative of his county.

However, this wasnt arranged by me.

The mastermind behind this was your friend, Jiang Chenghuan.

The Lin Xi Resort is a high-end clubhouse, and ordinary people wouldnt be able to get in.

This representative from the countryside is a distant relative of Jiang Chenghuan, so it was reasonable for Jiang Chenghuan to receive his distant relative here, and my uncle is going to be tagging along as well.

Later on, when theres an accidental encounter, it will all seem completely logical and reasonable, and no one will suspect me.”

“If your uncle really comes, Im afraid that this show will really blow up.”

“Right now, Liang Xinyi wants it to blow up so that she can get my dad to take responsibility.

If the issue doesnt blow up, she wont be able to achieve her goals.

Even if my dad does take responsibility, he wont do it at this time when he hasnt even settled himself in the directors seat yet.

Moreover, my mom definitely wont divorce him easily, and Liang Xinyi knows that its going to take time.

If she starts making a fuss now, it will be easier in the future to add fuel to the fire.”

One year was long enough to do a lot of things.

Recently, Liang Xinyi had suffered so many setbacks that she had started to learn to be smart, and she now understood the meaning of the expression: theres a long road ahead of us.

“Oh, and Jiang Henglin is here too, so you must be careful not to get yourself involved with him and let him use that as a threat against you.”

“That narcissistic kid Jiang Henglin is the biggest problem of all.” Yun Xi sighed and said, “Its all right, well deal with the problems as they arise.”

If Liang Xinyi didnt do anything, then this would just be a family hot springs holiday trip.

If they ran into her uncle, then great! They could have a family gathering together, and their family would still be a family.

But if Liang Xinyi really decided to make her move now, then it was going to very sad.

No one would get to have a good time.

Yun Xi had never thought about doing something so ruthless.

It was all Liang Xinyis own decisions that had led her to this point.

Since Chen Lixue really wanted to have an affair with Yun Yuanfeng, and she wanted to try out what it would feel like to be the wife of a director, Liang Xinyi was going to give her the chance.

But she herself would have to bear the consequences of tearing the family apart and losing all that she loved.

Yun Ziling had a room to herself.

She was bored, and she didnt know where Jiang Henglin was, so she left the room to wander about.

Just a few moments after she had left, the housekeeper came to clean up the room.

Liang Xinyi looked at the number plate on the door and coughed lightly as she said, “Hey, sorry to trouble you when youre cleaning the room.”

“All right, just a moment and Ill be finished.” The housekeeper thought that Liang Xinyi was the customer staying in this room and used her keycard to open the door.

Once the housekeeper opened the door, Liang Xinyi lingered outside for a bit before going in.

After waiting for the housekeeper to leave, she quickly found the medicine inside Yun Zilings luggage.

Although Yun Zilings heart disease was almost cured, she couldnt stay in the hot springs for too long, so she would definitely bring her medicine.

She counted the number of pills inside and opened up one of the capsules, pouring the drug that shed brought into it before reassembling it and putting it back in its original spot.

Everything had been done silently.

Then she quickly left the room and returned to her own room.

Yun Xi had been watching Liang Xinyi on the surveillance screen and couldnt help but snicker.

“Yumo, take notes, you could use this in the future.”

“You mean this method of entering other peoples rooms without the keycard”

Zhao Yumo had also seen Liang Xinyis clever little trick, but such tricks wouldnt be useful all the time.

“Thats too obvious.

If I were to do it, I would evade the cameras first.”

“Since Liang Xinyi didnt care about evading the cameras, that could only mean that whatever she did in Yun Zilings room isnt severe enough to warrant checking the security footage, understand”

Zhao Yumo nodded and laughed a little as well.


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