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Chapter 863: No Compromise

“Why are you running away Are you afraid Im going to eat you”

Jiang Henglin glared with annoyance at Yun Xi.

The more she ignored him, the more he wanted to talk to her.

“Weve already broken off our engagement, havent we I dont have any reason to hang around with you now.

If you have something to say, speak up.”

“I can see by your attitude toward me that you want to completely sever ties with me.

In that case, I have just three words for you: IN YOUR DREAMS! It doesnt matter if you want to break off the engagement.

I have already said that I dont agree with the engagement being broken off.

Grandpa may agree, but lets see if he still agrees if I tell him I want to marry you.”

“…” Yun Xi was very much amused by these rascally things he was saying.

“Even if you still want to marry me, it doesnt mean I have to marry you, does it I also have a sentence for you: THE SUN IS HIGH IN THE SKY, SO STOP DREAMING! Grandpa Jiang said that he would respect my decision.

Even if you are willing, Im not!”

In her previous life, the men shed encountered were all mature adults.

She really didnt know how to handle this kind of young man who acted like he was still in middle school.

In particular, she really didnt have any idea how to fend off his persistence, pestering, and self-righteous behavior.

“Even if you are unwilling to marry me, you may have no choice.

I heard that your father just became a director, am I right If I ask my father to make life difficult for your father, and then ask your father to make you marry me, dont you think he will agree”

So what if she had rejected him.

In her current position and weakness, he had many ways to make her compromise and be subdued.

Zhao Yumo, whod just heard Jiang Henglins shameless threat, could not hold back anymore.

She stepped forward, ready to respond, but Yun Xi held her back.

“Yumo, dont dirty your hands dealing with such a scoundrel.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, looked at Jiang Henglin, and scoffed.

She was not afraid of his somber countenance.

Her proud, determined look was more tenacious and unyielding and could be compared to the weeds that grew out from the cracks in a stone.

Her bright eyes were shining brilliantly under the sun, and, coupled with her look of determination, she gave forth an aura of pride and elegance that led Jiang Henglin to feel that this girl before him should not be disrespected or offended against.

“Jiang Henglin, if you want me to respect you, you must first have real ability.

Whats the point of relying on the Jiang family to do whatever you want to do It will only made you more despised by others.

You are not in charge of the Jiang family at the moment.

In addition, Grandpa Jiang and my grandpa are good friends.

Even if you dare to create trouble for my dad, Grandpa Jiang would not allow you to do that.

Stop trying to threaten me.

Fat chance.

Just get out of my way.”

“Who needs your respect Who do you think you are So what if Im threatening you! I have the Jiang familys backing.

I dont believe your father would not succumb to the pressure I could put on him.”

His stubbornness was facing off against her pride.

Neither of them were going to compromise.

They were enraged with one another.

“Go ahead and try to do that!” Yun Xi really did not want to continue talking about this nonsense with him.

His uncouth methods were too pathetic to cause her any fear.

Yun Xi saw the family car approaching from a distance and was about to turn and walk away when Yun Ziling hopped out of the car and dashed toward the man who had been arguing with her sister.

“Second Master, why are you here Are you here to enjoy the hot spring also”

Jiang Henglin looked at the approaching plump girl with disdain and then at Yun Xi whose face was wearing a sneer.

He felt as if there was a ball of fire deep in his throat that could not be suppressed.

He had told himself to restrain his emotions and not to argue with her when they met again, but this d*mned girls attitude was infuriating and driving him out of his mind.

Regardless of how good his temper had been when he ran into her, it had become completely infuriated beyond all measure by her indifference and arrogance.

Now, having run into Jiang Henglin here, Yun Ziling naturally did not want to miss such a good opportunity to spend time with him.

She knew she had to rack her brains to get him to pass the afternoon with her.

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