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Chapter 86: Who Said That Im Not Picky

Facts have proven that underestimating an enemy can be deadly.

Although Li Zilan had heard about Yun Xis reputation in Tianyu Mountain, after seeing her in person, she really couldnt take her seriously.

She was underestimating the enemy, but Yun Xi dared not do the same.

The ferocity of the womans gaze spoke to how capable she was.

Therefore, when Li Zilan proposed to have a match against her to see whether or not she was worthy of personal lessons, Yun Xi agreed without hesitation.

There were still many things she had to learn.

Mu Feichi asking someone to teach her could be very beneficial for her.

Since Mu Feichi hadnt said that he would personally teach her, it meant that he had more qualified people working for him who could do it.

Such a person probably would have expertise and capabilities that rivaled his.

After just a few rounds, Yun Xi and Li Zilan were evenly tied.

Li Zilan was secretly surprised.

Although the little girl wasnt quite agile enough, she did have stamina.

In terms of her moves, some of them she hadnt seen before, and some were completely unexpected.


Besides Young Marshal Mu, this girl was the only one who had been able to hold her own in three rounds against her.

Young Marshal Mu has always been extremely discreet and hard to read, so of course she couldnt think that she was actually more capable than him.

But this little girl wasnt the same and actually quite worthy of personal training.

After a few moves, Yun Xi gradually became overwhelmed.

This woman was really impressive.

Those on the mountain went easy on her, but this woman didnt.

She was basically using 70 percent of her strength and ferocity.

As Li Zilans fist was about to smash into her face, Yun Xis eyes widened, but she was unable to dodge it.

She was about to deflect it when a hand quickly stopped the oncoming fist.

“If you hurt her, Im going to have to settle accounts with you.”

Mu Feichis big palm had blocked Li Zilans fist, and he moved Yun Xi backward.

Li Zilan glanced at the two of them.

She looked at Yun Xi, who was breathless, and then looked at Young Marshal Mu, who was protecting his little calf.

Women were naturally perceptive, and Li Zilan grasped it all at once.

Stopping in her tracks, Li Zilan chuckled softly.

“Huh, Boss, you really arent a picky eater.”

He really could lay his hands on such a little girl.

She thought that it would take an extremely promiscuous seductress to attract his highnesss attention.

She had never expected him to be attracted to a little girl.

Mu Feichi raised his hand and patted Yun Xis back to put her at ease, then stared into the eyes of the little girl deeply.

His lips curled into a sneering smile.

“Who said that Im not picky”

“All right, I accept this girl.

But I have conditions.”

“Tell me what they are,” Yun Xi asked.

After familiarizing herself with Li Zilans skills, Yun Xi had more respect for her.

When she encountered someone of superior capabilities, she regarded them with respect.

“No matter how rough I go on her, you cant ask or feel bad for her, or else dont come to me.”

From the looks of his doting expression and how protective he was, how could she be able to teach otherwise.

Only a stern master can create a skilled disciple.

If he keeps on spoiling her like this, a problem will arise some day.

If he wants to indulge her, then she shouldnt be learning.

If he wants her to learn, then he has to let go.

If she doesnt learn her techniques properly and becomes the laughingstock of the entire Tianyu Mountain, the responsibility will be all on him, not her.

“I promise!” Just as Mu Feichi was about to say that she was being unreasonable, Yun Xi readily agreed.

Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi and didnt know how to react as he said helplessly, “Little thing, why are you in such a hurry You avoided it this time, but youll have to face it sooner or later.

She can be even more ruthless than a man.”

“As long as its fair and square, I dont care if shes ruthless.”

After shed been reborn, the best thing shed learned was how to be ruthless.

Only if shes ruthless enough can she win step by step!

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