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Chapter 859: Youre Not Smart

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Both mother and daughter were now sitting in the living room, feeling like two outsiders who were unable to be a part of the joyous occasion.

Inwardly, they were both making different plans.

Yun Xi hid her emotions, stood up, and smiled.

“Dad, congratulations on becoming the director and finally achieving what you have always wanted.

Mu Feichi helped you a lot, didnt he”

Yun Yuanfeng immediately recalled that Mu Feichi had promised to help him after Yun Xis reminder.

He had almost forgotten about this.

“Yes, Yun Xi, Mu Feichi really helped me a lot this time.

Do you think that we have now established a connection with him”

“I dont know about that.

You can try to connect more when you meet him again.

If you are able to make a connection with him, then your career path will be smooth sailing from now on.”

Yun Yuanfeng loved hearing such flattery.

He was excited and looking forward to seeing Mu Feichi again and building on their connection.

“However, its not easy to arrange a meeting with Mu Feichi.

I will sincerely thank him when I see him next.”

Liang Xinyi stole a glance at Yun Xi, then deliberately interrupted her.

“Uncle, you have become a director.

This is a very joyful event.

Shouldnt we go out and celebrate Have a meal together or something”

Yun Yuanfeng threw her a look without uttering a word.

Normally, Yun Yuanfeng would not give much attention or take too seriously anyone who was of no use to him.

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyi, not quite sure of her intentions.

However, no matter what they were, she would very gladly play along.

She knew that Liang Yinyi was beginning to pave her way for her future socialite dream at this moment, and Yun Yuanfeng could be the key.

But, of course, this key would only work if it involved Chen Lixue.

Otherwise, whatever she did would be in vain.

“Yes! Dad, you have become the director and we ought to celebrate.” Yun Xi agreed with a smile, relieving Liang Xinyis embarrassment at this moment.

Liang Xinyi was stunned.

Was Yun Xi helping her or did she originally have this in mind all the while

“Dad, you havent had a good rest recently because of your quest for this director position.

Lets go out for a good meal and relax.

Let it be a celebration for you.

After you have assumed the office of director, you will have to spend time working and entertaining.

When will you get the time to dine with us again”

There was nothing wrong with what she was saying.

Everything she said reflected what a filial and sensible daughter should say.

Liang Xinyi could not help but snort lightly at Yun Xis flattering act.

It had clearly been her proposal, but now Yun Xi had taken all the advantage and praise to herself.

“Well, okay, lets go out and celebrate.

Ill have the secretary make a reservation.

I havent assumed the office yet, so we cant go to any of those really posh places.

I dont want anybody to hold the matter against me.

Do you understand”

“Why dont we go to the Lin Xi Resort for dinner, enjoy the hot springs, stay for one night, and return tomorrow.

I have the VIP card for the Lin Xi Resort.

We can go without any reservation.”

“The Lin Xi Resort…” When Liang Xiuqin heard these four words, she immediately stared over at her, her eyes full of disbelief.

“How did you get the VIP card for the Lin Xi Resort You didnt steal it, did you”

The Lin Xi Resort was not a place for just anybody.

Only guests holding the VIP card could enter.

It was a high-end, private, and exclusive resort in Jingdu.

How could this wretched little girl have been able to get her hands on such a VIP card

“Mom, just because you are incompetent, that doesnt mean that what others have has been stolen.

Do you think you can simply steal a Lin Xi Resort VIP card Any stolen card would immediately become void and invalid.

You would be caught at the entry.

Youre not smart, but dont think Im stupid too.”

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