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Chapter 845: No Matter What, Cant Let Her Get Too Full Of Herself!

When Yun Xi brought home the recording of the awards ceremony at the Biology competition, Grandfather Yun made everyone gather in the living room to watch it.

Afterward, he gave Yun Xi a thick red packet in front of everyone else, hoping to motivate the rest of the family.

“Yun Xi, heres a 5,000-yuan reward for you for winning the Biology award.

Continue working hard.

Maybe youll get first place on the high school graduating exam and bring more renown to our family.”

The news of Yun Xi obtaining a championship at a global competition had already spread across the entire villa complex.

Wherever Grandfather Yun went, he would run into someone mentioning his granddaughter.

He was so proud of her.

Before this, no one in the villa complex had taken the small Yun family very seriously, and, after the fiasco involving Liang Xiuqin, some people had even started looking down on them.

Now that Yun Xi had done something so remarkable, the Yun family suddenly became the center of attention and a hot topic of conversation around the villa complex.

How could Grandfather Yun not be happy about it

Liang Xiuqin turned red with envy when she saw the 5,000 yuan in cash.

She stared straight at the money in Yun Xis hands, unable to shift her gaze away.

She really didnt think that the old man would be willing to give Yun Xi so much money at one time.

That amount, 5,000 yuan, would equal a few years worth of school fees and more than six months of the Yun familys expenses.

Seeing how the old man didnt even hesitate when giving away this much money, clearly he had plenty more to spare.

If Ziling could do something impressive like this, she would definitely get the old man to give them even more.

As Liang Xiuqin quietly thought about this to herself, she tugged on Yun Zilings arm and said in a hushed voice, “You see that Your grandfathers got plenty of money.

You better work harder.”

“Mom…” Yun Ziling looked at her mom, feeling a little embarrassed and helpless.

Getting an award of this caliber wasnt so simple.

Yun Ziling didnt know how Yun Xi had gotten so lucky and been able to win two grand prizes in a row.

If Yun Xi continued on to rank first place in the high school graduating exam, then she would be finished; shed have no status left in this family.

That wont do! No matter what, she cant let Yun Xi get too full of herself.

Now both her grandfather and her dad were constantly revolving around Yun Xi, and all the things that had belonged to her were being snatched away by Yun Xi.

She was not able to be reconciled to this situation.

Obviously, everything in this family should belong to her.

Even Yun Chuhan who had been in the family for so many years was being overshadowed by her now.

How could it be that she fell into such a disadvantage the moment Yun Xi came back

If she didnt manage to reach the minimum admission scores, she would need to “donate” money to enter Jingdu University.

If Yun Xi was admitted to Jingdu University as well, with such expensive school fees, her dad would definitely not have any spare money to buy a spot at the university for her.

If she werent able to enter the university, she could forget about entering the upper echelons of society in Jingdu, much less marrying into a noble family.

Previously, she didnt spend too much time thinking about Yun Xis good grades.

She didnt feel that Yun Xi would pose much of a threat to her.

However, now that Yun Xi was receiving one award after another and had been getting top scores all the way through school, she felt a great threat.

Yun Ziling couldnt help but raise her head to look at Liang Xinyi, and she saw the same envious, resentful expression on her face.

Although Yun Ziling didnt think very highly of Liang Xinyi anymore, they had a common objective.

As long as their objectives were aligned, Yun Ziling didnt mind using her to achieve what she wanted.

Yun Xi wasnt very interested in revisiting the awards ceremony.

Instead, she glanced at the avaricious Yun Chuhan and the greedy expressions on the faces of her mother and Chen Lixue.

She could tell what they were planning without even thinking too much about it.

Yun Xi wasnt dumb.

She immediately handed the money over to her second aunt and asked her to deposit it into her bank account.

The expression on Liang Xiuqins face immediately turned ugly.

But of course she wouldnt dare to try to scam Yun Xi out of the money right in front of Grandfather Yun.

She had no choice but to quietly curse at Yun Xi through clenched teeth.

Yun Xi turned her attention away from all her idiotic family members and started looking at the competition questions that Yun Haozhe had passed to her.

She had made a copy of all of the papers and questions from this years competition for Yun Haozhe.

Compared to her own sisters, she felt that this cousin of hers was far more adorable and amiable.

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