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Chapter 84: Peculiar Tastes

Along the way, Yun Xi watched Mu Feichi maneuver the dashboard at the same time as she was admiring the scenery.

Mu Feichi noticed her curiosity.

After they had stopped at the scheduled location, he took off his headphones and looked at her.

“After watching me, have you made any breakthroughs”


“Would you like to learn” He questioned her with mischievous mirth in his eyes.

Yun Xi thought about it, hesitated a little, then nodded, and said, “Yes!”

Perhaps piloting would become a valuable lifesaving skill in the future, and there was no harm in learning a new skill.

Who knew what could happen in the future

“If you want to learn, after you reach adulthood, I will teach you personally.”

“Why do you have to be the one to teach me” She didnt want to get involved with him too deeply.

There was more than a year left until she became a legal adult.

By that time, perhaps they would hate each other too much to speak.

“If I dont teach you, who else do you want to teach you”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes, and his voice was clear.

“In all of China, except me, Im afraid you wont find a second teacher who can teach you.”

This was special equipment, which couldnt be used by anyone but people he chose.

If she wanted to learn, then she had to pass all the levels and an exam.

It wasnt an easy task.

“Ill think about it.” She had more than a year anyway before she reached adulthood.

There was no hurry.

Mu Feichi was really amused by her, and he pinched her again lightly with a helpless expression on his face.

“This is something others can only dream of.

Youre the only who dares talk to me like this.”

From a distance, a car drove toward them.

Mu Feichi helped Yun Xi off the plane.

A white off-road vehicle stopped in front of them, and the window of the drivers seat was lowered to reveal a mischievous face.

“Boss…” Su Hang noticed the little girl standing beside Mu Feichi just after he opened his mouth and was slightly caught off guard.

“Who is she Huh…Boss, where did you kidnap this little girl from”

Yun Xi looked at the man in the car.

This was the son of the Su Family Pharmaceuticals owner

In her last life, shed only heard that he had a son who was a doctor, but she hadnt expected to encounter him after her rebirth.

“Hello, my name is Yun Xi.”

“Yun Xi Youre the Yun Xi who saved the Chen familys eldest son from the pack of wolves and dared to venture onto Tianyu Mountain”

Upon hearing her name, Su Hang finally realized who she was.

With wide eyes, he stared at her as if she were a ghost.

It was as if he was dying to find out more about her.

“Well, I am Yun Xi, but Im not as impressive as you say I am.

Im just an ordinary person.”

“Thats enough.

Dont scare her off.” Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi behind him and opened the car door to let her get in first.

As soon as Yun Xi had gotten in the car, the person in the drivers seat turned and reached out, “Hello! Little Yun Xi, my name is Su Hang, and Im very happy to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you also.” Yun Xi was just about to reach out her hand when her wrist was caught and pulled back by the other man in the car.

Mu Feichi glanced at Su Hang coolly and ordered, “Drive!”

“…” Su Hang stared down at his hand with a bewildered expression.

It took a while for him to realize what was going on, and he glanced at the two people sitting in the back seat with mixed emotions before he started the car.

This was terrible.

Why was his boss getting so careless lately He was even beginning to lay his hands on youngsters like her

Gee, he really does have peculiar tastes.

Although they had come to buy medicine, Su Hang was surprised when he heard her mention several different kinds of medicine.

“These are all traditional Chinese medicine formulas that are almost lost in our family.

How do you know about them My dad rarely makes them for anyone.”

“Uh…Ive studied medicine before, so I have some basic understanding.

Can you mix up these formulas for me”

She didnt have a laboratory or medical equipment at the moment, so she couldnt make the medicine on her own.

“I can…but I think we should discuss it a bit more.

Im curious about the emergency operation you performed on the train.

Even if it had been me, I wouldnt have been confident in its success.”

“Uh, that was just an instinctive response.”

Mu Feichi impatiently interrupted the two people going off on these tangents.

“He can mix up whatever medical formula you want in Jingdu.

Theres a laboratory in his house that is bigger than this pharmaceutical shop.

Just ask him for any medicine you want.”

Yun Xi felt at a loss for words.

She turned around and said, “Why didnt you tell me earlier that he can mix up all the medical formulas in Jingdu Why did we come here”

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