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Chapter 837: Yun Xis Plot

Yun Xi understood what he meant.

Being overseas was obviously different from being at home.

Supposing that she was ambushed or kidnapped in her own country, Mu Feichi could use his contacts and his intelligence unit to find her in a very short time.

However, when she was overseas, it wouldnt be so easy for Mu Feichi to look for her.

There would be a lot of restrictions on what he could do because it wasnt his turf.

“So, theyve done all this just to get me away from the police.

Why didnt they just kidnap me directly from the hotel”

“You wouldnt say something like that if you knew who was the boss of this hotel.”

When Yun Xi heard this, she immediately realized that no one could afford to offend the boss of this hotel and that the other party had obviously been aware of that.

It was for this reason that they had come up with such a bad idea, since they hadnt dared to do anything openly.

“It would have been a totally different story if you had been taken away by the police, as the police could have been impersonated by these guys.

Then, when we reported it to the police station, the police would just say that such-and-such policeman didnt exist.

Wed be in a situation where we wouldnt have been able to find you even if we wanted to.

We are in a foreign country, and so many things in their legal system are different from ours.”

“I understand now.” Yun Xi nodded.

She stood up and put on a pair of anti-slip socks that she had taken out of her bag.

When she was about to step out of the glass door, Jin Lei asked, “Why dont you ask me to help you”

Yun Xi laughed.

She turned around to look at him, and she didnt know why she suddenly thought of Mu Feichi.

If Mu Feichi had been here, she wouldnt have had to even say anything.

If she wanted to kill someone, he would immediately pass her a knife or a gun.

And if she wanted to torture someone, he would just help her to dig a hole and set up a trap.

He wouldnt ask if she needed help or ask why she hadnt asked him to help.

Perhaps, that was the difference between Mu Feichi and other men.

He was willing to do anything for her.

He didnt care about the consequences and would do anything to achieve what he wanted.

Jin Lei stared at her as she laughed, and he frowned.

“What are you laughing about”

“Its nothing.

You want to help Sure! Help me buy some flammable items.

I want those that dont have a smell.

You will definitely know what to look for.”

“That makes it difficult.

There are definitely lots of things that dont have colors, but its difficult to find flammables that dont have a smell.”

“Didnt you say you want to help I didnt ask you to scale the walls or do anything sneaky.

I am just asking you to help me buy something.

I think Im being very considerate.”

“How about we exchange tasks As a girl, its not suitable for you to scale or jump over walls.

Although Mu Feichi always does that, its not for you.”

“What do you mean by its not for me I can do whatever men can do.

And if the men cant do it, I can.”

“Regarding this matter, Im not going to argue with you.

However, if you want to discuss it further, please get in touch with the young commander.”

“…” Yun Xis eyes got wide.

Whatever he was saying obviously meant something else.

She watched him as he put something into a paper bag and tied it to his waist.

The dexterous man had already jumped off the balcony and had swiftly climbed up the water pipes.

Yun Xi stood at the balcony and watched him climb up the pipes skillfully.

It didnt take him too long before he reached the balcony above her room.

He then smoothly climbed over to the balcony of another room.

She was relieved after she saw him reach the balcony of the two men they had seen.

Her balcony was not too far from their balcony; there was only one room in between them.

If shed wanted to light some flammable objects, she only had two choices.

They could do it by entering the hotels main entrance and then afterward deleting the footage from the corridor.

Or they could place some alcohol-type flammables on the windowsill above and extend them down to their windows after lighting it from up there.

After some careful thought, she had gone downstairs and bought a bottle of alcohol from the pharmacy.

She had then gotten Jin Lei to pour the liquid from the balcony to the area that she had pointed out.

Jin Lei got back to his balcony after he had finished.

He asked Yun Xi to move any essential things she needed to his room, and he would get another room from the concierge.

He reminded her before he went out, “Dont sleep too deeply at night.

Otherwise, you wont have any idea of what is happening, even if theres a fire.”

“All right, I know that!”

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