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Chapter 830: Anything for Yun Xi

After hanging up, Mu Feichi walked out of the tent, where his friends were pretending to be nonchalant.

He snorted softly.

“Grey Wolf, keep an eye out for when the Jiang family makes an announcement about cancelling the engagement.

Think of something to divert attention away from it.

I dont want to let all the gossips focus on this lass.

This is something that she doesnt need to shoulder.”

“Of course.” Grey Wolf nodded.

He thought about it for a second before asking, “What should I divert the gossips attention with The Young Commanders criteria for a romantic partner…”

“…” Mu Feichi turned sharply on him.

“Since when did you become as nosy as these others”

Grey Wolf rubbed his nose and then said with a serious look, “If the bait is not catchy enough to grab everyones focus, it will be difficult to divert attention away from the cancelled engagement.”

Naturally, Mu Feichi knew this as well, which was why hed asked Grey Wolf to think of something.

In order to capture everyones attention, the target must be somebody that the entire city was interested in.

“Look for some scandal.

If all else fails, then you can use the criteria for romantic partners.”

Better him than her, he could not bear to see her being gossiped about by everyone.

“…..” The people in the tent looked at each other.

They knew it! They knew that the Young Commander would be willing to compromise on anything for the sake of that lass.

He was even willing to expose his own private affairs.

When it came to double standards, it really depended on who the other party was.

“Also, keep a close eye on Crocodiles movements.

Anything unusual must be reported to me.

That lass is going overseas for a competition in a few days.

Send Jin Lei to follow her and ensure that she is safe.”

“Yes, sir!” Once Crocodile was mentioned, the joking atmosphere in the tent vanished.

The two candidates for the Biology competition had been chosen.

Yun Xi had been selected from the start, there was no doubt about that.

Zhou Chengzhe stared at the glaring words Yun Xi that were once again on the notice board and got so angry that he wished he could smash the glass on the notice board.

The students who were looking on all glanced at Zhou Chengzhe.

Many of the students still vividly recalled the way he had behaved extremely aggressively at the last competition.

Ever since what had happened at the winter camp, most of the students in the school scorned Zhou Chengzhes underhanded ways.

In addition, at the English corner, Yun Xi had been approachable and had readily provided all sorts of tips on studying.

Many male and female students liked Yun Xi who excelled at every subject and also shared her methods with everyone.

They held nothing back when it came to disparaging Zhou Chengzhe.

“I heard that if you win the Biology Competition, the Ivy League universities overseas send you an automatic acceptance letter.

Those are globally renowned universities.”

“Yun Xi is really amazing! She is dominating everything with her capabilities…unlike some people who are full of themselves but come up short in the end.”

“Since he is not as good as she is, naturally he needs to play some tricks.

He cant bear to lose!”


Standing in front of the notice board, a fire started raging in Zhou Chengzhes chest as he listened to his schoolmates derisive remarks.

He turned around abruptly and glared fiercely at the male students behind him.

His dark gaze was chilly.

“All of you, shut up! Dont think that I dont know you guys are talking about me.”

“Look at that, we didnt name anyone, but you are admitting it yourself.”

“Although you have the guts to do it, you are still afraid of people talking about it.”

“You guys…” Zhou Chengzhe gritted his teeth and tightened his fists.

He could not win against all of them by himself.

So he turned around and left angrily.

It was all because of Yun Xi that hed ended up like this.

He would make sure that she paid for it.

The person who got the other spot for the Biology competition was the first-year high school student Peng Zihang.

Yun Xi had gotten all his detailed information from Grey Wolf.

His father was the director of some government agency, while his mother was the daughter of a wealthy family.

He had an excellent family background as well as grades.

She had had some contact with him during winter camp.

He was mild-mannered and a gentleman.

Compared to Zhou Chengzhe who was arrogant and greedy, this son of a government official was much more sophisticated.

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