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Chapter 828: Mu Feichis Forbidden Lamella

Without staying for lunch, Grandfather Yun and his granddaughter took their departure.

Having settled the engagement question, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Jiang Henglin.

From his perspective, calling off this engagement was not a situation worth celebrating.

As Jiang Henglin walked Yun Xi and her grandfather to the door, he contemplated whether to speak what was on his mind.

He was on the point of saying something, but as soon as he caught the look on Yun Xis face, her evident eagerness to leave, his pride got the better of him and he checked himself.

Yun Xi was ignoring Jiang Henglin and was treating him like a complete stranger.

Such a detestable woman… Why is he feeling such disappointment

Letting out a snort, Jiang Henglin cast an angry look at Yun Xi.

With that, he turned his back on her and left.

Yun Xi raised an inquiring eyebrow at Jiang Henglins reaction, but didnt think much of it.

She opened the car door and got in.

There was certainly neither a hint of hesitation nor nostalgia about her.

In her previous life, she had been stuck with the identity of the Young Lady Jiang right up until her last breath.

But, on this day, she felt a sense of relief from finally having thrown off the shackles of her past.

“Grandchild, I hope you wont regret this.” Grandfather Yun questioned Yun Xi on the way back home.

“Grandpa, whats mine will be mine.

Forcing whats not mine to be mine will not result in a happy ending anyway.

This engagement was decided by you and Grandfather Jiang.

Youve seen Grandmother Jiang and Mrs.

Jiangs stance on this matter.

Its clear they think Im unworthy to be associated with them.

Besides, I dont wish my life partner to be decided so early in life.

If I really were to marry Jiang Henglin and forced to lead a miserable life, Im sure, Grandpa, you wouldnt want to see that, right

Recalling how Jiang Henglin had treated his granddaughter earlier in the living room, Grandfather Yun acknowledged that Yun Xi would be on the losing end if his granddaughter and Jiang Henglin were forced into a marriage.

Since Grandmother Jiang also disapproved of the marriage, calling off the engagement might actually be beneficial in thinking about the future well-being of Yun Xis children.

“Since this has been settled between the two families, youll handle your own marital matters in the future.

Grandpa just wants you to be happy.

Nothing is more important to me than your happiness.”

MMM! “Thank you for your understanding, Grandpa!”

The news of Yun Xi and her grandfather making a trip to the Jiangs spread quickly, and it didnt take long to reach Mu Feichis ears.

At the point when he had received this news, Mu Feichi was conducting an inspection of the training of a tank battalion.

In the military tent, Grey Wolf broke the news to Mu Feichi.

The focused man, who had been concentrating only on his computer screen, turned abruptly to face Grey Wolf upon hearing that Yun Xi had taken along her grandfather on a visit to the Jiangs.

The expression on Mu Feichis face couldnt hide his surprise.

Li Zilan looked askance at Mu Feichis reaction.

Sensing Mu Feichis excitement, she casually teased him, while cleaning the newly acquired pistol in her hand, “It is perfectly normal for a fiance to make a visit to her future in-laws.

What are you so happy about”

Without taking a moment to think, Mu Feichi blurted out what was on his mind, “She took her grandfather along with her to the Jiangs, and there can only be one reason: to call off her engagement.”

“How can you be so sure She could have gone over to pay a New Years call since it is still the beginning of the New Year.”

“Its been 20 day since the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Do you really think thats what she was doing” Mu Feichi answered with a sneer.

“Besides, if shed really wanted to visit her future in-laws, she wouldnt have left without staying for lunch.

Thats not the upbringing of the Yun family.

Therefore, this can only mean one thing: she was there to call off the engagement, it ended on a sour note, and so they left.”

Mu Feichi was always acting lovey-dovey with Yun Xi, publicly displaying his affection for her in front of all his associates.

Because of this, Li Zilan liked to tease him by being a wet blanket in an attempt to dampen Mu Feichis excitement.

“Regardless, Grandfather Yun once saved Grandfather Jiangs life.

Taking that into consideration, even if the discussion ended on a bad note, it wouldnt have degenerated to the extent that they wouldnt stay for a meal.”

“…” Mu Feichi shot Li Zilan a cold look.

Sensing tensions rising, Feng Rui quickly got up and stood in front of Li Zilan.

Blocking Mu Feichis sight, Feng Rui attempted to smooth over the disagreement with a suggestion.

Smiling at Mu Feichi, he said, “Young Commander, why dont you give a call and have it checked out Then youll know the answer to your question.

If the engagement was really called off, thatll be great news.”

HMPH! Mu Feichi let out a snort.

He picked up his field telephone and dialed.

With that, he turned and left the tent to make his call.

“That little brat is now Mu Feichis forbidden lamella.1 Why are you constantly trying to light his fuse Are you out of your mind”

Li Zilan shrugged her shoulders.

“No, Im not.

Hes constantly putting on public displays of affection in front of us, so I reciprocate by trying to tease him and spice things up.

I cant believe this thought hasnt occurred to you guys.”

“…” Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, and Grey Wolf glanced at each other.

Without saying a word, they all let out loud, treacherous laughs.

Yun Xi had planted the seeds of destruction to the life they all knew.

She would be responsible for the upcoming show.


“Forbidden lamella” comes from the saying, anyone who touches the forbidden lamella of a dragon dies.

The lamella is a scale on the dragons body and is a metaphor that means, touching someones forbidden lamella is doing something that will make them very, very angry.

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