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Chapter 817: The Young Commander Causes Her Worry

The only thing Yun Xi was joyful about right now was that Jiang Qilins legs were improving.

While performing an acupuncture treatment, Yun Xi had discovered that his legs felt some sort of sensation and were beginning to experience pain.

This was an indication that they were getting back some of their sensitivity.

This was a really good omen.

Experiencing any form of sensitivity could only signify the increase in the probability of Jiang Qilin some day resuming his ability to walk.

All her efforts during this time had not been in vain.

“Young Master Jiang, your legs can now feel the sensation of pain.

This means that your chances of recovery might significantly improve.

Therefore, please note that subsequent foot baths should include double the current dose of medicine.

Jing Yi, dont forget that.”

“I wont.

I scrutinize the medical practitioners when theyre making up the prescriptions to ensure that they use the exact quantity and variety of herbal medicines that you prescribe.

And, of course, I make sure we only use those of the highest quality.”

Although Jiang Qilin had not regained his ability to walk, the transition from complete numbness to partial sensation was undeniably an improvement.

This tiny progress might seem insignificant to some, but to Jiang Qilin it was a step on his road to recovery.

In the beginning, Jiang Qilin had known that his chances of recovery were slim, but because there will always be hope, hed undergone treatments with an optimistic mindset.

He held onto the belief that recovery was possible, but, with time, as his results hadnt shown improvement, those beliefs started to turn to magical thinking.

Eventually, he had come to think that any form of recovery was doubtful.

Hence, hed never thought that his efforts were going to pay off and he could be in the midst of recovering.

This girl may seem small and inexperienced, but her medical expertise is remarkable! was the thought going through his head.

“Miss Yun, you have worked hard all this while, you deserve all the credit.

When Im able to stand, by hook or by crook, Ill be sure to return the favor.”

Yun Xi chuckled at Jiang Qilins intense earnestness.

She didnt seem to have taken his sincerity to heart.

She seemed fairly casual about it.

“Well talk about returning the favor when you can actually stand.

The subsequent rehabilitation processes will be tough, so I recommend you ask Jing Yi to look out for a credible therapist to assist you.

My college entrance examination is approaching, so how well you recuperate will be all on you.

That being said, you can still look me up if you have any queries.”

“I will do.

‘And Ill see to it that all necessary arrangements are made.”

As she put away her needles, Yun Xi raised her head every now and then to instruct Jiang Qilin.

“The second phase of the foot bath treatment requires a duration twice as long as the previous one.” Yun Xi then continued to advise, “Due to the increased duration, it is inevitable that the scent of the medicine will linger on you.

If Young Master Jiang does not want anyone to notice that, I suggest you find an excuse to move out of the Jiangs house.

Since you cant reside in the seaside villa, find a location where youll not be easily found.”

“All right, Ill let Jing Yi make the arrangements.

Ill try my best to locate a residence nearer to your school so as to minimize your travel time.”

Yun Xi acknowledged this with a smile.

She was aware that finding another place to reside in was not a difficult task for Jiang Qilin.

Yun Xi didnt feel that she had made an unreasonable request and made things difficult for him.

After escorting Yun Xi to the lobby and watching her exit the building, Jing Yi returned to the apartment.

This apartment was where he had previously lived.

Although it was not as lavish as the Jiangs residence, Jing Yi was certain of its safety and security.

“Young Master, who would have thought that Yun Xi possesses such amazing medical expertise Im positive youll be able to stand in no time.”

Jiang Qilins heart filled with optimism as he touched his knee.

“If Im able to stand, Yun Xi will be my greatest benefactor.

Pay more attention to her, will you, Jing Yi I know the Young Commander has guards to protect her, but there are bound to be oversights.

We cant be too careful.”

“Right, I understand.”

As the days passed quietly, Yun Xi never missed her daily trip to Tianyu Mountain.

As usual, she made the trip just before heading to school to tend to Mu Feichi and his medical prescriptions.

To shake off any possible stalkers, Mu Feichi has spread the rumor that a murderer was lurking within Jingdu, and thus was able to heighten the security around the gates used for entrances and exits.

If anyone discovered a person trailing behind Yun Xi, the stalker was to be investigated and held off, for as long as possible, by any means possible.

Yun Chuhans intentions were explicit to Yun Xi.

Thankfully, with Mu Feichi acting as her shield, Yun Xi did not need to put in as much effort brainstorming a counterattack.

Just then, as she completed a set of practice questions, Yun Xi raised her head and caught a glimpse of a figure about to knock on her window.

Stunned, she hurriedly got up and opened the window.

“Are you crazy! Youre not fully recovered yet but you dare climb up to a window I shall not be responsible if your wound tears open.” He was already a man of a certain age, but still causing worry to others.

“But Ill still have you!” Mu Feichi made a point and placed a box of pastries on Yun Xis table.

Mu Feichi could not hide his smile as he inched closer to Yun Xi.

He stopped to stare at her for a significant amount of time before saying, “If youre that worried, come, help me check on my wound.

And, while youre doing that, help me change my dressing.

I accidentally got it wet during my shower today,” confessed Mu Feichi.

“…” Yun Xi shot Mu Feichi a peevish look.

Nevertheless, she crouched down and went into a half-kneeling position on the carpet.

Yun Xi lifted his shirt hem and saw to his wound.

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