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Chapter 816: To Live a Life No Better Than Death

At the mention of Zhou Chengzhe, a wave of displeasure washed over Mr.

Xus face.

Just by looking at his expression, one could instantly sense his bitterness about it.

“The higher-ups have made a decision.

They have agreed to allow him to sit for the college entrance examination.

However, whether or not he gets accepted by any university is a different story.

I take it that you understand what this means”

For a decent student, being petty was bad enough.

To become ruthless too was despicable.

Taking into account all that had happened, to say that he had brought doom to his potentially bright future was an understatement.

As Zhou Chengzhes teacher, Mr.

Xu felt dismayed at what had happened.

Not only had he involved himself and the school in a heartbreaking incident, but the principal and all the teachers had felt that it was such a shame that they had lost a potential top scorer.

The school had offered Zhou Chengzhe, as it had with other students who had made mistakes, opportunities to turn over a new leaf.

It was Zhou Chengzhe who had not treasured and made full use of the opportunity given to him to repent.

Yun Xi nodded and replied, “Yes, I understand.”

Yun Xi understood Mr.

Xus ulterior motives.

She also knew who exactly the higher-ups hed referred to were.

With her understanding of Mu Feichis domineering and unreasonable temper, the fact that he had left a path for Zhou Chengzhe implied that Zhou Chengzhe was in for a hard time.

There was no possible way that Mu Feichi was going to let Zhou Chengzhe off the hook this easily.

Yun Xi was certain that Mu Feichi planned to employ more cruel methods down the road to rob Zhou Chengzhe of any hope left for his future.

Sitting for the college entrance examination and failing to be accepted into any universities was crueler than dropping out of school and therefore not being able to sit for the examination.

Having the qualifications and ultimately getting rejected would only imply a lack of something in his character.

If someone was only rejected due to the lack of qualifications, it would still be possible to repeat a year of studies and sit for the exam at a later date.

However, Mu Feichi had ruthlessly destroyed all of Zhou Chengzhes possibilities of a second chance.

Everyone knew the implications of not getting accepted into a university.

It is a common understanding that what lies ahead for these kids is bleak, especially in this time and era, where a degree is considered to be as valuable as gold.

Coming from a humble family background, Zhou Chengzhe had been seen as a promising young scholar.

His family believed that once he graduated from university, he would bring glory to them.

They thought that the tides would turn and their fortunes would change once he graduated.

Thus, they had placed all their eggs in one basket: him.

As a result, Zhou Chengzhe had been very determined to succeed.

Unfortunately, he had become blinded by the thought of success and become unscrupulous, disregarding any consequences associated with how he achieved his success.

It was such a shame.

For people like Zhou Chengzhe, narrow-mindedness and arrogance were often the hurdles to their success.

As for those who tried to harm her, let alone kill her, Yun Xi never lets them off the hook.

The school principal announced Yun Xis accomplishment by pinning a photo of her receiving the award, accompanied with brief notes about the award, on the schools bulletin board.

Word spread like wildfire, and soon the whole school was made aware of Yun Xis recent accomplishment.

Once again, the already popular transfer student was put into the limelight.

Yun Xis glory was, however, torture for Zhou Chengzhe.

As Yun Xi basked in admiration and praise from her fellow students, Zhou Chengzhe suffered humiliation.

For him, every compliment to Yun Xi felt like a slap in his face as it served as a constant reminder of his wrongdoings.

The instant class ended, Zhao Yumo made her way to Class Three.

Upon seeing her, Yun Xi brought out the gifts she had bought for her and Yang Lu.

Although they were not expensive gifts, Yang Lu was ecstatic.

She ran up to Yun Xi and gave her a bear hug.

The gift wasnt important.

It was the thought that counted.

Not forgetting her friends while overseas, these gifts from Yun Xi evidently showed how much she valued them.

“Yun Xi, I just came from Zhou Chengzhes class.

Did you know that our whole grade is talking about this award you received Everyones so jealous, envious, and hateful about it.

You shouldve seen Zhou Chengzhes face.


“Based on what he did, Id say Zhou Chengzhe had it coming! I cant believe he has such bad intentions!”

Yang Lu was unaware of the events that happened in the conservation district.

She had only been informed that Zhou Chengzhe had brought a snake into the camp to frame Yun Xi, but, unfortunately for him, his plot had been uncovered and he was thereafter kicked out by the organizing committee.

With only the knowledge of this fact, it was only natural that Yang Lu felt that Zhou Chengzhe was asking for it and his punishment had been self-inflicted.

Yun Xi smiled and kept silent.

She was thinking, Zhou Chengzhe doesnt know whats coming for him.

I reckon he thinks the incident at camp has passed since the school wasnt too hard on him.

Id bet hes feeling pretty happy that he doesnt need to face the music.

Zhou Chengzhe no longer posed a threat to Yun Xi.

She had come up with ideas for a counterattack in the event that Zhou Chengzhe tries to get back at her when he realizes that his future is ruined beyond repair.

Destroying a person does not necessarily mean one needs to end their life.

To live a life no better than death is even more miserable.

“Im treating you guys to a meal when I receive my scholarship!”

“Hurray!” Yang Lu exclaimed in delight.

While her friends were thinking excitedly about the upcoming treat, Yun Xis mind was preoccupied elsewhere.

Yun Xi couldnt help but notice that Mu Feichi had never mentioned anything related to the assassination attempt ever since theyd gotten back from Munich.

The identity of the group of people who had tried to kill her had remained a mystery to Yun Xi.

She was convinced that things were not as simple as they had seemed and that there was definitely more to it than what Mu Feichi had told her.

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