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Chapter 815: Dont Go Insulting Him with Money

Throughout the meal, Yun Xi listened to Yun Yuanfengs ambitious speeches on a diverse range of issues.

He acted as if he was afraid that Mu Feichi didnt know how much he wanted to be elected.

A lot of people want to be elected because humans naturally gravitate toward higher ground, but Yun Yuanfeng really only wanted to be elected because a director could pocket more money.

If anyone had really known how tiny his ambitions actually were, they would have laughed at him.

Mu Feichi maintained a cool composure throughout.

He neither expressed his thoughts nor did he give any promises.

This made Yun Yuanfeng uneasy since he couldnt tell what Mu Feichi was thinking about.

After the meal, they each got into their own cars and went home.

Before they left, the owner of the private family restaurant gave them a box of pastries and Mu Feichi passed it on to Yun Xi.

Yun Yuanfeng was distracted as he drove Yun Xi back to her school.

“Say, Yun Xi, do you think that Mu Feichis attitude told us anything about how he was thinking”

Yun Xi really had no interest in this.

“The Young Commander is very kind and quite cordial even to common people like us.

Dad, is there anything else you wanted”

“Thats not it, I just think that…” He thought that the Young Commander had been too ambiguous.

There was no way he could confirm what the Young Commander had meant.

Hed originally wanted to probe or confirm whether the Young Commander intended to support him in this election during this meal.

However, Mu Feichi had not explicitly expressed his intentions at all, so Yun Yuanfeng felt as if hed practically made a wasted trip.

“What are you thinking about” Yun Xi asked as if she didnt already know.

“Ugh, you cant understand.

Of course, I hoped that the Young Commander would give me a hand during the election.

He has a deciding vote in his hands after all.”

If the Young Commander voted for him, wouldnt the rest follow suit

“Dad, havent you spent a lot of money on public relations recently Since youve spent money, it will definitely have an effect.”

“Say…do you think that money will improve relations with the Young Commander”

From Yun Yuanfengs perspective, all the relationships between people in his circle were entirely supported by money and power.

Nobody was an exception.

“I dont know whether that would be a good idea.

The Young Commander probably doesnt lack money.

Dont go insulting him with money.”

“Thats true!” He had spent a lot on improving public relations recently, but nothing is free.

He would earn back this money when he became a director.

Yun Xi went back on the second day of school.

She had missed the enrollment ceremony, and classes had already started.

Shed also wasted another afternoon having a meal with her father and Mu Feichi.

The moment she reached school, Yun Xi was called in by her form teacher to the office.

The spacious office was filled with Year Three teachers, the vice-principal, and the principal.

It seemed they all wanted to meet the student who had won an international award.

This made Yun Xi feel very awkward.

“Yun Xi, we have already sent the photo of you receiving the award to be printed and displayed in the school heritage room.

The Ministry of Education has sent a notice that the president will present you with another award.

You have really done our school proud!”

Jingdu High School was already famous, but now it had a student who had won an international accolade.

She was a great advertisement for Jingdu High School.

All the students entering high school would be fighting over getting into Jingdu High School now.

Such a great honor was akin to plating Jingdu High School with a layer of gold.

It gave the school an extraordinary position in the students minds.

Since Yun Xi had brought such a great honor to the school, the school wanted to give her a fitting reward.

After a short speech, the principal asked her form teacher to bring an envelope containing prize money to be given to Yun Xi.

“Keep up the good work, and aim to be the top scorer in the university entrance exams this year!”

“Thank you for your encouragement, I will work hard.”

After leaving the office, Yun Xi turned to her form teacher and asked, “Mr.

Xu, how has the school dealt with Zhou Chengzhe”

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