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Chapter 797: She Was the Real Target of Interest

After passing the second ski lift on the third run, the number of people skiing downhill decreased.

There had been an incident at the lift, and it hadnt been fixed yet.

Qi Yuan had no choice but to continue to take Yun Xi down the mountain.

Mu Feichi had prepared men to pick them up at two different places: the second ski lift and the road at the foot of the mountain.

Since the ski lift was down, all of the men had moved to the foot of the mountain.

Qi Yuan and Yun Xi continued skiing.

Before they reached the foot of the mountain, they saw a few people lying down on the edges of the run.

Qi Yuan immediately went into high alert and quickly moved forward to stop Yun Xi.

“Stay here and dont move, Ill go over to take a look.”

Qi Yuan took out his gun with one hand, tightened his hold on his ski poles with the other, and slowed down as he moved forward.

Yun Xi didnt dare to be careless either, so she took out her gun also and surveyed her surroundings cautiously.

The moment Qi Yuan drew near, one of the people lying on the ground instantly jumped up and pointed his gun at Qi Yuan.

Yun Xi reacted immediately and accurately shot that person who had just stood up.

Qi Yuan was a well-trained special forces soldier.

During the time in which the first person got up and aimed at him and then quickly fell to the ground, hed turned to shoot at the other person on the ground.

Qi Yuan and Yun Xi cooperated well and acted swiftly, but after their two shots were fired, other people hiding in the snow quickly jumped out and surrounded the two of them instantly.

The two gunshots alerted Mu Feichi and Jin Lei, who were on the other ski run.

Mu Feichi stopped in his tracks to listen for where the gunshots had come from.

“Something has happened on the other run!” Before Jin Lei could react, Mu Feichi had already used his ski poles to head toward the third ski run.

Jin Lei listened to the sounds at the same time as he gave orders to the people on the other side of his ear mic: everyone was to head to the third ski run.

Yun Xi and Qi Yuan stood silently, their nerves taut, as they watched more and more people emerge from the snow, pointing their guns at their heads.

Seeing the scale of the operation, Yun Xi frowned.

Great! So she was the real target of interest.

“Qi Yuan, in a situation like this, how would the special forces deal with it”

Qi Yuan paused for a bit and quickly understood her intentions.

He frowned as he said, “If it were me, I would wait to see what happens.

Reinforcements will definitely be on the way.”

Of course Yun Xi knew that their two gunshots from earlier would have alerted Mu Feichi, and, with his vigilance, he would have quickly realized that something had happened over here.

“You two, follow us.” The man who was leading the group said in awkward Chinese.

Yun Xi glanced at all the tall, burly men who were standing around them.

It would not be easy to resist.

It might even be impossible.

“You better not try anything funny, or else…”

Yun Xi shrugged.

She was not foolish enough to give herself up for execution.

Above them, on higher ground near the middle of the ski run behind a pine tree, hidden by snow, Mu Feichi and Jin Lei crept forward as they watched their two comrades who were surrounded.

Mu Feichi pressed on his ear mic and gave orders to all the snipers who were in position.

“The moment that they turn around to go down the mountain, everyone move immediately.

Listen for my instructions!”

The ear mic that Qi Yuan had been wearing had been ripped off his head and stomped on by these people.

The group of people quickly closed in and escorted the two of them toward a snowmobile.

From the moment that they turned around, Mu Feichi counted down, “Three, two, one, move!”

Over ten shots were fired at the exact same time, each aimed at a different person.

The moment the person beside Yun Xi took a shot in the head, Yun Xi quickly reacted and rolled toward the right side of the ski run.

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