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Chapter 793: Master of Deception

“Im not very skilled at fighting in the snow.

In order not to bog you down, I will listen to you and leave the mountain.

Anyway, there will be plenty of opportunities to fight next to you in the future.”

It was rare for her to be so docile.

Mu Feichi knew that her skiing skills were terrible, so he asked Qi Yuan to watch her closely.

“Be good and ski down with Qi Yuan.

The two of you wont make a big target, and hopefully no one will notice.

There will be people waiting for you at the end of the ski track, so go back to the hotel and wait for me there.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She glanced at him worriedly.

“You must be careful!”

“I know.” Mu Feichi took the two of them over to the beginning of the ski track, and they started slowly down from there.

At a fork a bit farther down, Mu Feichi turned left to head toward the fourth ski track.

Yun Xi saw that they were near an area where many people had stopped.

She abruptly braked, planting her ski poles firmly in the snow.

On this gentle slope, quite a few people had stopped to take a short break.

Yun Xi and Qi Yuan quickly disappeared among the crowd of people, all of whom were wearing similar ski jackets.

She frowned as she watched Mu Feichi head toward the fourth ski track.

Her eyes behind her shades turned cold and sharp.

Yun Xi turned to glance at Qi Yuan.

There were almost another two miles to go to reach the end of the track.

With her skills, it wouldnt be difficult to shake him off.

She had observed the ski map closely earlier.

The third ski track had the most people, and most of them were beginners, and there were also many paths that led to the second and fourth track from here.

For Mu Feichi to ask her to leave from the third track, he must have determined that the other party would not take action at a place filled with people, so this track was safe.

The moment Mu Feichi left to go to the fourth track, Yun Xi saw that a few tails followed him as well.

Qi Yuans eyes grew serious.

“Miss Yun, theres no need to worry for the Young Marshal.

We have made all the necessary arrangements.”

“Qi Yuan, can you be sure that there are only tails following him and there isnt anyone already at the ski track waiting to ambush him No matter how many people you have, the ski tracks around here lead everywhere, and snow is the best place to hide.

Every spot that he passes by could have a deadly trap waiting for him.

No matter how foolproof your plans are, there will always be an oversight.”

“Even if there is an oversight, our Commander can handle it.

Let me take you down the mountain now.”

Yun Xi knew that he wasnt going to change his mind, and decided not to waste her time.

She picked up her ski poles and quickly continued to head down the ski track toward the bottom of the mountain.

She was worried for Mu Feichi not because she had no confidence in his abilities, but because the mountain was so large, and any small slope with a high ground could be a splendid spot for a sniper.

It would be easier to hide in the snow than in a forest.

With white snow covering the skies and the ground, any white disguise could be used to deceive the eyes.

At a time like this, she could not leave Mu Feichi behind.

She was the one who had suggested that they travel to Germany.

This place was different from Country C.

There were many things that were different here.

It was not like being home in Jingdu where he always held the winning cards.

After taking a deep breath, she turned to glance toward Qi Yuan who was following behind her, then toward the slope in front of her.

Suddenly, at a place where there were two consecutive steep slopes, she increased her speed.

Qi Yuan reacted quickly and started to chase after her, but by then Yun Xi was already too far away.

He looked closely, but among the many skiers in similar clothes, there was no way he could tell where she was.

It was only then that he realized…in what way was this lasss skiing technique terrible Her skills were even better than his.

This lass was actually the master of deception!

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