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Chapter 776: Will You Let Me Touch You However I Want after I Do Autopsies?

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“Young Marshal, no buts.

Im treating people in an innocent and upright manner.

When you say things like this, it makes it seem like I have some sick ulterior motives.”

“I dont care whether you do or not.

I just dont want you to touch other men.

If you want to touch men, just say it, and I will let you touch me.”

Yun Xi was really amused by his domineering and unreasonable arguments.

She turned around and walked over to stand in front of him.

“Young Marshal, if I had chosen the profession of forensic science, would you let me touch you however I wanted after I did autopsies”

“Of course! I dont care what it is as long as its not another man.”

TSK, TSK! “Your preferences are really eccentric.” Yun Xi was really amused by his words and didnt know how to react.

She knew about his stubbornness and domineering ways, but she wasnt going to compromise on this matter.

“I just like you.

Is there anything wrong with that”

“Fine, but to treat Young Master Jiang, I can only promise you that I will try not to touch him too much.

I will teach Jing Yi how to do it, and, for those unavoidable places, you have to agree no matter what.”

Since she had already explained all this to him, Mu Feichi had no choice but to compromise with her.

Jing Yi pushed Jiang Qilin out into the room.

Since they were extremely close, it was clear that they had already reached an agreement.

He nodded at Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi glanced at the man lying on the bed in shorts.

His eyes darkened.

The intricate wounds on Jiang Qilins legs were all from the last accident.

As a man, especially a man who was so proud, he could more or less understand what it was like to sit in a wheelchair and have his legs ruined beyond repair.

Climbing onto the bed, Yun Xi spread the acupuncture out needle by needle.

Half-kneeling on Jiang Qilins legs, she raised her head and looked at Jing Yi, who was standing to the side.

“I dont have as much strength as you, so I will ask you to raise his legs later.

You have been with Young Master Jiang for so many years, and you should also know how to massage him to relieve the stiffness of his leg muscles, right”

Jing Yi nodded and said, “I studied it carefully, and I know the general techniques clearly.”

“After I give him acupuncture and moxibustion, you will massage his leg muscles and soak his legs in herbs later.

When his legs regain their feeling, you have to prepare all the rehabilitation equipment.”

“That will be no problem! I will do everything you order me to do.”

Yun Xi nodded and started to prick the acupuncture points along the legs attentively.

The process went surprisingly smoothly.

No one in the large guest room spoke at all.

The only sound was the sound of the springs bouncing when Yun Xis legs moved around as she knelt on the bed.

After an entire hour, with the heating on in the room, Yun Xi felt that her back was wet with sweat.

After pulling out the last needle, she raised her head and looked at Jing Yi.

“All right, in ten minutes, you will massage him for half an hour.

Acupuncture will stimulate his leg nerves and blood.

You cant use too much force, understand”

“I understand! Miss Yun, thank you for your hard work!”

Yun Xi waved her hand and crawled down from the bed, but she collapsed on the carpet before her feet even touched the ground.

“Miss Yun!” Jing Yi exclaimed, but then he saw Mu Feichi rush forward.

Mu Feichi helped her up.

His big, dry, cool hands started massaging her ankles and insteps with measured force.

“How do you feel Do you feel better”

“Much better! My legs were just numb.

Im okay!”

Yun Xi was about to struggle to stand up, but Mu Feichi had already leaned over and picked her up.

Ignoring her struggles, he held her in his arms firmly.

“Since the diagnosis and treatment are over, lets go!”

“Mu Feichi, put me down.

I havent written the ingredients list for the herbal prescriptions yet.”

“You can write it after you go back, and I can send it over.”


Jiang Qilin glanced at them and chuckled.

“Jing Yi, send the Young Marshal and Miss Yun home, then send a car to pick up Miss Yun tomorrow.”

“All right, Young Master!”

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