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Chapter 774: Spoiled to the End

There was no way to reason with a jealous man.

Yun Xi got off the boat angrily and left Mu Feichi behind.

Before she could take more than a few steps, he strode up to her side, took her by the hand, and led her to the villa area.

Yun Xi struggled hard but couldnt shake his hand off.

She glared at him annoyedly and simply stopped making trouble.

As Mu Feichi walked with her, he tilted his head to look at her angry appearance and couldnt help but chuckle.

“Huh Your anger died down so quickly”

“You are so immature!” Yun Xi rolled her eyes and looked around.

She wasnt familiar with this place, so she could only look at the house numbers one by one.

“Cmon, I know where it is.” Mu Feichi was at a corner and started leading her to the left.

“Youve never been to this place before, so how do you know that the male residences are on the left” As the two walked up the quiet driveway, Mu Feichi suddenly asked her.

She probably didnt know that when he had been watching the surveillance previously, his heart had almost jumped out of his throat.

She had faced so many mercenaries alone.

Although he knew that Crocodile was going to use her as a bargaining chip and for that reason wouldnt hurt her, he was still worried.

From the beginning, he had never approved of using her as bait.

He had even excluded her when scheduling the mission.

However, he hadnt expected that no matter how much he disagreed, she would still do something way beyond his expectations.

But what could he do He had fallen in love with this girl, and it takes two to tango.

The woman he likes must be spoiled to the end.

At the door of the villa, Yun Xi rang the doorbell.

Soon, Jing Yi came out of the house.

When he saw the figure standing outside the iron gate, he ran over to open the door quickly.

“Young Marshal! Miss Yun…” Jing Yi was relieved when he saw that Yun Xi was fine.

“I am so glad that you are okay.

Otherwise, I dont know how I would have explained it to the Young Marshal.”

“Do you know everything” Yun Xi looked at Jing Yi in shock, then looked at Mu Feichi, and she understood.

“I pulled up the surveillance footage and realized that you had been taken.

Fortunately the Young Marshal came to your rescue.”

“Okay, its cold outside, so lets go in and talk.”

Mu Feichi didnt fuss with Jing Yi.

Pulling Yun Xis arm, he went straight into the villa, as if it was his own house.

In the living room of the villa, Jiang Qilin was sitting in a wheelchair and looking at the figures coming down the hallway.

He was relieved when he saw that Yun Xi was all right.

“Young Master Jiang, Im sorry to keep you waiting!”

“It doesnt matter.

Its good that youre fine!” Jiang Qilin nodded slightly, then turned to look at Mu Feichi, who was in a camouflage uniform, and nodded politely.

“Youre here too.”

Mu Feichi nodded and turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Weve been busy all morning, so lets hurry up.”

“Okay.” Yun Xi turned to look at Jing Yi.

“Is everything I wanted ready”

“Everything is ready.

For convenience, I also cleaned up the room on the first floor.”

“Lets go there then.” At the mention of treating his illness, Yun Xi returned to her usual serious and calm self.

She turned around to push Jiang Qilins wheelchair.

“Here, please!” Jing Yi glanced at Mu Feichi, who was standing on the side.

“Young Master, you…”

“Its not inconvenient for me to go in and see what youre doing, right, Miss Yun” Mu Feichi was deliberately teasing Yun Xi.

When the words Miss Yun came out of his mouth, he sounded very affectionate.

Yun Xi glared at him.

Without saying a word, she pushed Jiang Qilin toward the guest room on the first floor.

When Jiang Qilin noticed that Young Marshal Mu, who had always been serious and dignified, could be so childish, he couldnt help but smile.

“Is Young Marshal Mu so worried about Miss Yun Or is it that youre worried…that a cripple like me will do something to her”

After being exposed by Jiang Qilin, Mu Feichi sneered and said, “I dont even worry about normal people, let alone about you Before worrying, you have to see if you can beat her at anything.

And, do you still want these legs”

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