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Chapter 77: In Terms of Conscience, Im Afraid You Have None Either

Yun Xi was both amused and enraged by her mothers words.

In order to shirk her responsibility, Yun Ziling had thrown her under the bus.

All right then! It was war!

Originally, Yun Xi had felt that this matter could be considered as “let bygones be bygones”.

If Yun Ziling didnt intend to cause trouble, she didnt intend to cause trouble either.

However, since her mother seemed to be asking for trouble, she would keep her entertained.

“Whether the vase was broken by me or Yun Ziling, Mrs.

Chen watched it clearly.

Would you like me to make a phone call and ask”

“Ask what, you cant own up to your actions If it wasnt you, why did you bring back the broken vase Do you expect me to pay In your dreams!”

“I really want you to pay, because Yun Ziling broke the vase.

If she didnt break Mrs.

Chens vase, why was she kicked out of the Chens house”

As soon as she heard her mention getting kicked out of the Chen familys house, Yun Ziling started crying again..

“Sister, it was clearly your fault.

You didnt even help me after I got kicked out.

You are too cruel and heartless toward me.”

Shed broken the vase.

Yun Ziling knew that this matter couldnt be investigated, so the focus must be on her being kicked out of the Chen familys house.

She wanted to make sure that her mother would unconditionally be against Yun Xi.

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi couldnt help but smile a little and stare coldly at the high-maintenance and pretentious Yun Ziling.

“In terms of conscience, Im afraid you have none.”

“Shut up this instant! Ziling was visiting on behalf of the Yun family, and even if you didnt want to help her, how could you side with outsiders who were rude to her What sort of a sister are you What use did it do to the Yun family to raise you”

“She was visiting on behalf of the Yun family” Yun Xi laughed sarcastically.

“Mom, what do you think the Yun familys standing is in the eyes of the Chen family Im not going to sugarcoat things, but how could the Yun family compare to the four big families in Jingdu.

The Jiang family has been so courteous toward our family simply because of grandfather.

Last time you were around them, you offended Grandfather Jiang, who could make Dad suffer just by saying a few words.

Did you really think that the Yun family is all high and mighty just because we live in a villa complex”

“You…you scourge.

If you look down on the Yun family so much, why did you come back You should go back to the countryside! Dont think that just because the Jiang family and the Chen family support you now, that youre all high and mighty.

What do you have now that wasnt given to you by the Yun family”

Yun Xis words had struck a nerve in Liang Xiuqin.

These were sensitive topics, and she was already fuming with rage.

She was truly infuriated at the moment.

“You all shut up, what are you all arguing about” Coming down the stairs, Yun Yuanfeng had heard Yun Xis words, and his face grew somber and dark.

Seeing Yun Yuanfeng come downstairs, Yun Xi opened her mouth and got straight to the point.

“Dad, I heard you arguing with Mom yesterday.

I also mentioned this to Mrs.

Chen today.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Yuanfengs expression changed, and his eyes shone more brightly.

“What did Mrs.

Chen say, will she help me”

Grandfather Jiang wasnt there, so Mrs.

Chen could help them negotiate with Mr.

Jiang so that they wouldnt have any problems in the election.

But if no one helped, it was likely that he would get disqualified in this election, and there would be no hope of any future promotions.

“It wasnt difficult to ask her for help, but then Yun Ziling smashed Mrs.

Chens favorite antique vase, which is said to be worth millions.

What Mrs.

Chen then said was that she could use her debt to me for saving her eldest son to compensate for Yun Ziling breaking the vase or help Dad by putting in a word with Mr.


She asked me to choose one.

I think Dads future is more important, so I chose to ask her to help put in a word with Mr.


Then I brought back the vase fragments.

The person who broke it will pay.”


Yun Yuanfeng was instantly stunned.

Looking at the vase fragments on the tea table, he felt as if he had been drenched with a bucket full of cold water after being happy for a few seconds.

He suddenly turned his head to stare at Yun Ziling, who was sitting on the sofa, and he sounded breathless as he asked, “Yun Ziling, please explain to me what is going on!”

“Dad, it wasnt me! My sister has set me up.

Its all her fault.

It has nothing to do with me.”

She couldnt afford to pay for such an exorbitant vase!


Chen may not have pressed the issue with Yun Xi, but that doesnt necessarily mean that she wouldnt press the issue with her.

Liang Xiuqin was also getting anxious.

Even though she knew that Yun Ziling had broken it, she could never admit to millions of yuan worth of compensation.

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