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Chapter 754: Hold You In Higher Regard After Not Seeing You For A Few Days!

In the military intelligence department, transparent glass walls blocked out the coldness in the cave.

The heating and bright lights from the pavement made this cold place a little more lively.

Mu Feichi pressed his finger on the scanner at the door, and soon, a mechanized voice came from the ceiling of the huge department, “Welcome, Young Marshal!”

Hearing the sound of the broadcast, the members who were working immediately stood up and looked at the entrance.

They all stood at attention and rushed to the door in unison as they saluted, “Young Marshal!”

Mu Feichi paused and returned a military salute.

His cool and handsome face returned to his usual seriousness.

“Return to your work! I just came to take a look!”

“Yes!” Everyone answered.

Those who were standing in the crowd had already seen Yun Xi behind Mu Feichi, and their faces were full of surprise that could not be concealed.

“Xiang Yuanjiu.” Mu Feichi shouted aloofly.

“Come here!”

“Yes!” His eyes falling straight on Yun Xi, Xiang Yuanjiu ran over in excitement.

He didnt expect that the Young Marshal would bring Yun Xi to see him!

Mu Feichi raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist, then glanced at Yun Xi with his head tilted.

For the first time, he gave her time to speak.

“Ill give you twenty minutes to catch up with her.

When times up, bring her to the media area to find me!”

He said these words to Yuanjiu, and Xiang Yuanjiu nodded gratefully.

“Thank you, Young Marshal!”

Mu Feichi didnt say much.

He turned around and went out.

The mole came from the intelligence department.

Yun Xi knew how to speak and act.

He didnt worry that she would act badly and expose their plan.

Yun Xi caught the look in Mu Feichis eyes when he was leaving, and nodded slightly.

After watching him leave, she turned to look at the big boy who was a little confused and a little excited in front of her.

“I didnt expect you to work in the Young Marshals intelligence department.

I havent seen you in a few days, and now I have to hold you in higher regard!”

“Its all thanks to the Young Marshal.

And, of course, thank you for the recommendation.

By the way, I went home on New Years Eve, and my mother said that you also left me a New Year gift.

I didnt even have a chance to thank you yet! Our relatives dont even contact her anymore, so you are the only one who went to visit her.”

The little girl in front of him was kind-hearted, and different from the other women he had met.

She gave him a hand when he was the most helpless.

He will remember this kindness for the rest of his life.

“You dont have to thank me for anything.

All I did was to help you join the army.

And since youre not at home, Auntie is recuperating at alone, so I had to pay her a visit.

How are you doing with the Young Marshal”

“Im fine! Everything is fine! I will make a mark and wont be stupid again.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Thats good!”

“By the way, do you have a cell phone number I cant reach you even if I wanted to call you.”

He didnt dare to ask the Young Marshal about her contact information.

But now that shes finally here, he couldnt wait any longer.

Yun Xi read a series of numbers to him, then Xiang Yuanjiu repeated it and remembered it.

With such a good memory, no wonder Mu Feichi would let him come to the military intelligence department.

Soldiers were strict with time.

Twenty minutes hadnt passed yet, but Xiang Yuanjiu needed to take her to the media area.

“School hasnt started yet, so I have time to come and see you these next few days.

But not tomorrow though.

I have made an appointment with the Young Master of the Jiang family to see him.

You know the Oldest Young Master of the Jiang family right”

“I know him!” Looking at her worriedly, Xiang Yuanjiu nodded.

“Are you treating his legs This Oldest Young Master of the Jiang family is not easy to deal with, so you have to be careful.”

In this line of intelligence work, he must be aware of all the big names in Jingdu.

“Its okay.

He asked me for a favor, so he wont do anything to me.

On top of that, there are many factors concerning the treatment of his disease.

No one can guarantee whether he can be cured, and he isnt an unreasonable person either.”

The two of them walked out of the studio while chatting.

The huge studio had no private area to speak, so they simply stood by the door.

Everyone in the department pricked their ears to listen to the gossip.

Yun Xi, however, wasnt particularly concerned about who would hear what she had to say.

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