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Chapter 744: Capable of Becoming a Big Shot

Jiang Henglin thought that since he had come into the room, Yun Xi would say a few words to please him, but, unexpectedly, the girl never looked at him from beginning to end.

It could even be said that she was treating him as if he were invisible.

Even when Jiang Qilin spoke to her, she responded, but when Jiang Henglin was about to speak, she got up and left.

“Let me go with Miss Yun.

I just happen to be going out also, so I will pay a New Years visit to my master on the way.”

Grandfather Jiang heard that he was going to pay a New Years greeting to his comrade-in-arms.

Since his son was a classmate of his, he didnt say anything further and nodded.

After leaving the Yun familys house, Yun Xi watched Jing Yi place Jiang Qilin in the car, then fold the wheelchair and put it in the trunk.

She suddenly felt a little at a loss for words.

After getting in the car, she turned to look at the man in formal wear of a black wool coat and black casual suit.

He looked no different from a normal person.

He was handsome, elegant, and personable.

He could be said to be a suave young man.

This man was capable of becoming a big shot in the business world, yet his crippled legs are his Achilles heel.

Jiang Qilin saw her staring at his legs and couldnt help but chuckle.

“Miss Yun, youre still so curious about my legs”

“Yes.” Yun Xi nodded.

She met Jiang Qilins smiling eyes with a serious expression without any evasiveness.

“From the Young Marshal, I learned about the specifics of your leg injury, and I also learned about your previous rehabilitation situation.

But I dont know your situation for the past two years.

From your knee reflex that I noticed at the banquet, I can see that your legs arent completely crippled.

The nerves on the legs are still responsive.

For example, for the knee reflex, all nerve conduction pathways from receiving stimulation to reaction, including sensory afferent nerves, nerve central effectors, etc., are connected to spinal cord and grey matter.

If neurons establish synaptic connections with motor neurons, they will trigger action potentials.

There is no problem with your nerves in this regard.”

Jiang Qilin narrowed his eyes.

She spoke so professionally that he didnt understand her very clearly.

He asked calmly, “Can Miss Yun make things clearer”

As Jing Yi drove the car, he also pricked up his ears to listen to the conversation behind him.

“It means that it should be possible for you to recover from your leg injury, and it would be possible for you to stand up in the future.

However, I need specific information about your rehabilitation during the past two years.

After seeing what your program was, I can determine the specific possibility of recovery.”

Mu Feichi didnt have any information about his rehabilitation during the past two years.

She didnt know whether it was because he had given up hope and didnt do any more checkups or if the information had been destroyed.

If she isnt able to understand the complete situation, she cant determine how likely he is to be cured, and she cant give him any hope either.

Jiang Qilin seemed to be shocked by her words.

Slightly stunned, he raised his head and said, “I havent gone for a checkup in the past two years, so I dont know what the situation is.”

Yun Xi blinked.

But before she could even speak, Jiang Qilin asked eagerly, “You mean, my legs may still be able to heal Could I still stand up”

“Everything depends on your current examination.

If you can contact your attending doctor and orthopedic surgeon, have them do an examination, then you can show me the examination report so I can give you my detailed judgment.”

“Okay, Ill take care of it!” Jiang Qilin raised his eyes to look at Jing Yi and said, “Jing Yi, contact Dr.


We will go over for a checkup later today.”

“Im going to the Chen familys house to pay the Old Madame a New Years visit.

You can contact me after the report comes out.”

“You…” Jiang Qilin looked at her with some uncertainty.

For fear that she was just saying things on a whim and didnt intend to treat his legs, he couldnt help asking, “Youre really sure you can cure my legs”

“Your legs can be treated with Chinese medical acupuncture and moxibustion, but the situation all depends on your examination report.

I will try my best if there is even the slightest hope.”

“Okay, I see.

Thank you in advance.”

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