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Chapter 720: He Wont Be Stern with His Future Daughter-In-Law

After racking her brains for several days, Yun Xi finally thought of something to give Mu Feichi as a New Years present.

That morning, Yun Yuanfeng had driven the family car to work, so she had to wait for the bus at the gates of the villa complex.

Mu Feichi was sitting in the butlers car driving down the mountain when he noticed the figure standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus.

“Turn around and drive to the bus stop!”

The butler, who was in the front passenger seat, glanced at Mu Feichi, who was in the back seat, and then he told the driver, who immediately turned the steering wheel and drove to the bus stop.

After lowering the car window, Mu Feichi looked out at the figure who was facing in the opposite direction.

It was almost New Years.

It was rare to see the girl dressed in such a festive fashion.

She was wearing a red-and-white houndstooth coat with large lapels, a white sweater with a collar, white trousers, and snow boots.

She looked soft and fluffy, yet also vivacious and charming.

She definitely looked different than she had when shed first arrived from the countryside.

Under Ling Jings enhancements, the previously classy little beauty was becoming more and more fashionable, as well as more and more elegant and sophisticated.

It seemed that no matter what clothes she wore, she could always dazzle him in a way that he had never been dazzled before.

Looking at the car that had pulled up in front of her, Yun Xi raised her eyes toward the figure who had lowered the window in the back seat and blinked with surprise.

This car wasnt his usual car.

She wasnt sure who else was in the car, so she didnt dare to say anything.

“Where are you going”

“Um, Im going out to buy something.”

“Get in the car.

Ill take you wherever you want to go.”

Yun Xi shook her head.

“No, thanks.

Ill just wait for the bus.”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes, turned to his butler in the passenger seat, and said, “Go and ask Miss Yun to get in the car with us.”

“Yes, Young Master!” The butler looked dumbfounded and had no idea what was going on, but he pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Yun Xi looked at the unfamiliar face and froze.

Without waiting for her to snap back to reality, the butler had already opened the door of the car.

He respectfully made an inviting gesture to Yun Xi.

“Miss Yun, please go ahead and get in.”

Yun Xi glanced at the unfamiliar butler blankly, then looked at the arrogant figure in the car.

She gritted her teeth and got into the car.

The car started.

Yun Xi looked at the man next to her, then at the butler in the passenger seat.

Even though the butler was curious, he didnt dare to ask any questions.

“Where are you going” Mu Feichi looked at her and asked.

“The Chinese medicine shop on West Street.”

Mu Feichi gave the order to the driver, and the driver returned to the road.

“Is anyone sick”

“No, Im just going to find some medical ingredients,” Yun Xi said, shaking her head.

“Where are you going”

“To the Mu familys main residence.” Mu Feichi paused, then turned his head, and looked at her with interest.

“Would you like to go back with me If Commander Mu got a chance to see you, he would probably be very happy.”

As soon as she heard that he was going to the Mu familys main residence, Yun Xi got a nervous expression on her face.

She didnt even notice that Mu Feichis words carried an insinuation of meeting the parents.

She shook her head with a grimace.

“No, I dont want to see Commander Mu ever again.”

Whenever he saw her, he had the urge to torture her to death.

He made her want to die as well, so it would definitely be better if they didnt see each other.

Although they had never seen each other face to face last time, he had still put her in a life-or-death situation in Area A.

She could afford to provoke Mu Feichi, but she couldnt afford to provoke Commander Mu.

“What are you so nervous about No matter how stern Commander Mu is, he wont be stern with his future daughter-in-law.

Butler Rong, what do you say”

“Young Master…” Rong Zhen was also taken aback by Mu Feichis words and couldnt help turning around to look at the little girl who had gotten into the car behind him.

She looked like a minor, but in her eyes there was a certain fearlessness, which set her apart from all the heiresses.

Was the Young Master smitten with her

Furthermore, from their conversation, it seemed as if the Commander had also seen her before.

This was big news!

“Young Marshal, stop teasing me.

You can go home, but dont get me involved.”

If she had known that he was going to the Mu familys main house and that he wanted to take her there as well, she wouldnt have gotten into the car for any reason.

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