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Chapter 715: Will You Scram with Me

Pulling out a thick stack of documents from the envelope, Yun Xi looked at them carefully.

There were not only photos of the scene of the car accident, but also the hospitals report detailing their diagnosis and CT scans of the bones in the legs.

The information, allowing her to see clearly and in detail what Jiang Qilins leg injury had been, was very complete.

Listening to Mu Feichi talking about Jiang Qilins past and this arranged car accident, Yun Xi learned a lot of inside information that she hadnt known about in her previous life.

Before Jiang Qilin had had this car accident, he had been pretty much neglected in the Jiang family.

He wasnt the son of the Oldest Master Jiangs first wife, so Old Master Jiang and Old Madame Jiang didnt like him very much.”

“But he is still the eldest grandson.

Even if he wasnt born to the first wife, he isnt an illegitimate child.

Why dont Old Master Jiang and the others like him”

“Because the Oldest Madame of the Jiang family came from an ordinary background, and the Jiang family cares about prestige.

Oldest Master Jiang insisted on marrying the Second Madame also, but because her family wasnt powerful enough, she had no status in the Jiang family either.

However, Second Master Jiang, who is Jiang Henglins father, was different.

He married the heiress of the Lin family.

The Lin family have a strong background in the military and in business and can strengthen the Jiang familys position in the military and in business.

In addition, Jiang Henglin is better than Jiang Qilin at pleasing the elders, so in the Jiang family, Jiang Henglin is the darling.”

“But didnt you say that Jiang Qilin isnt as simple as he seems Since he isnt simple, then why does he have such a low profile”

Mu Feichi smiled, reached out and pulled her computer over to him, and quickly entered the names of two corporations in the search engine.

“The boss behind these two listed corporations, with assets of no less than tens of billions, is Jiang Qilin.

Compared to that idiot, Jiang Henglin, Jiang Qilin is the one who hides his true strengths the deepest.

His abilities are equal to any of the Young Masters in the four distinguished families.”

Yun Xi looked at the names of the two corporations that Mu Feichi had pulled up on her laptop screen.

She had worked with one of them in her last life.

She knew that corporation very well and understood the strength behind it, but shed never expected that the boss behind this company would be Jiang Qilin.

As usual, the real masters and bosses are hidden behind the scenes.

“I really had no idea that he was so powerful.

I thought that since he was sitting in a wheelchair now, perhaps he was living a life of low self-esteem and depression every day.”

“Jiang Qilin isnt an ordinary person, so youve definitely underestimated him a lot.

Even if the Jiang family doesnt like him, as long as he is still alive, the Jiang familys inheritance rights will still belong to him in the future.”

Leaning back against the headboard, he looked at her nonchalantly.

His black shirt made his facial features appear even more chiseled and handsome.

“How about it, do you now understand his medical history Can you heal his leg”

Yun Xi rifled through the medical records she was holding and shook her head.

“I cant see what his problem is by looking at the medical records alone.

I have to inquire about his recovery over the past two years.

I checked his knee reflex today.

If we can couple Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, there should be some hope.”

Mu Feichi squinted, pondered for a moment, and asked, “How sure are you”

“About 50 percent.

As I said, it depends on his rehabilitation history over the past two years and whatever plans there are for his future treatments.”

“If you can heal his legs, the weight of this favor would be no less than giving the president a favor.”

“Really” Seeming not to care about that aspect very much, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“I just think its a pity for a person like him to have to sit in a wheelchair.

I just want to try it in order to help him.

I didnt want him to owe me a favor.”

“Even if you dont want a favor, people will still remember it.” Mu Feichi chuckled lightly and stretched out his hand to pull her onto the bed.

“Its getting late, so you should rest!”

“Young Marshal, your bedtime story is over, so you can scram.”

“Will you scram with me” Mu Feichis dark eyes got serious as he pulled her onto the quilt.

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