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Chapter 712: No Need to Put on a Show of Pretension

Qi Yuan soon appeared with the car.

Yun Xi glanced around and hurriedly got into the car.

From the back seat, Mu Feichi glanced at her.

Watching her frantic attempts to get into the car without being seen, he couldnt help but laugh quietly.

“Anyone who didnt know better would think we were having an affair.”

There was nothing she could answer to this comment.

Yun Xi pulled herself together as she sat down, turned her head and, with a speechless expression on her face, rolled her eyes at the man sitting next to her.

The spacious back seat of the Bentley was so soft that it made her want to sink in.

“Young Marshal, everyone in the audience was waiting to say a few words to you.

Its not good for you to just run away like this, is it”

“Whats so bad about it They might want to speak to me, but that doesnt mean I want to listen to them.

Moreover, do I look like I have so much leisure time to listen to them kiss up to me I am a soldier, not a politician or a businessman, so I can do things my way.

As long as I dont violate moral and ethical principles, I can do what I want.

Theres no need to put on a show of pretension with me.”

Yun Xi couldnt help it, and she laughed in a low voice.

“Young Marshal, these are your principles indeed.

You usually act with integrity and justice, which is admirable.

But what you said just now was hypocritical.

How do they know what you think They must think that you are the same as everyone else, who follow the unspoken rules of connections in everything.

How can they know that you are a soldier first and a person in power second”

Soldiers take obedience to orders as their duty, and the interests of the people as their principles.

But for the people seeking favors, they didnt have much to seek from a soldier, but they had much to seek from the Mu familys ruler.

So everything they did in relation to him was in terms of his identity as the Mu familys ruler, instead of the countrys Young Marshal.

“Im happy that you can understand.” He couldnt help but smile.

“How about it, was it gratifying to shame Jiang Henglin today”

“I dont know about him, but the Jiang family should be embarrassed today.

Theres also Han Yaotian, who was probably also embarrassed to take the blame for Han Zhong.”

“Well, as long as youre happy!” Mu Feichi raised his hand to check the time on his watch.

“Are you hungry Do you want to go eat something”

“Dressed like this to eat supper You must be kidding me, Young Marshal.”

“Then lets go back to the Mu Mansion to eat.”

As he was speaking, he took out his phone, called the butler, and asked him to prepare supper.

Yun Xi was more interested in the story about Jiang Qilin, but Mu Feichi wouldnt tell her directly.

He always changed the subject and delayed time after time.

Yun Xi was pretty sure that he must have made up his mind to climb through her window.

Yun Xi guessed that there was no other way.

She wanted to know these things, and she had to get more detailed and specific inside information from him.

She didnt believe the things that others said.

Curiosity killed the cat.

He was sure she wanted to know, so he was deliberately keeping her guessing.

She was on a tight leash and couldnt fight back.

Yun Xi felt annoyed and helpless, so she quickly finished the supper and asked the butler to call the car to take her back home.

At home, Yun Yuanfeng, along with Liang Xiuqin, Chen Lixue, and Liang Xinyi, had been waiting in the living room for a long time.

It was the first time that the Yun family had participated in this famous banquet, so Yun Yuanfeng was naturally full of questions.

“Yun Xi, how was the banquet Why have you come back so early”

“Oh, I was a little uncomfortable, so I came back early.

I didnt know most of the people at the banquet anyway, and they had no intention of making friends with me.

Most of them were there for the Young Marshal and didnt pay attention to ordinary people.”

“You…have you seen the Young Marshal”

“Yes, I saw him since I went to the banquet, but people from all the other families were all anxious to speak to the Young Marshal, and ordinary people couldnt even get close at all.”

She was telling the truth.

Even if she had a good relationship with Mu Feichi in private, she wasnt going to give her personal contacts away.

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