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Chapter 706: I Will Tell You a Bedtime Story

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi didnt go directly into the banquet room, but walked into a small side hallway.

Yun Xi was thinking about Jiang Qilins knee reflexes and how to get his medical records, and she didnt notice that the man who was walking in front of her had stopped abruptly.

With her head lowered in thought, she bumped into him just like that…

And the man, who could see that she was distracted, now opened his arms and tightly hugged the person whod walked right into them.

How could he miss such a good opportunity when she herself was walking right into his arms

With her soft, warm body in his arms, he couldnt guarantee that he wouldnt mess around or take advantage of the situation.

Yun Xi recovered pretty quickly, though, from bumping into him, but by this time Mu Feichi had already wrapped her tightly in his arms.

“Let…let me go!” Yun Xi, her head buried on his chest, struggled to yell in a muffled voice.

Her forehead was trapped against his hard, wrinkle-free military uniform.

She could almost feel the shape of the buttons on the uniform, and she could smell the pleasant mint scent on his body.

His overcoat, shielding them from the surrounding cold, wrapped her tightly.

This small world seemed to have become her refuge, making her want to depend on it and indulge in it.

But she also knew very well that no matter how warm a mans embrace was, it could also have a certain fatal bewitching effect.

She couldnt, and didnt dare to, get caught up in it, lest she bring disaster upon herself.

It took a lot of energy to break free from his arms.

She gasped slightly and adjusted her skirt while staring at the man in front of her, a little annoyed.

“Young Marshal, there are so many people here.

Dont you understand anything”

“Im with my own woman, so why should I hold back”

“Youre in control of the Mu family, so you should act more maturely.

The women outside are a group of wolves, tigers, and leopards, so please dont bring disaster upon me.”

“Werent you quite tough when fighting back just now Why are you being so timid all of a sudden”

“That was easy.

If everyone outside starts treating me as an enemy, I cant defeat so many people.”

“Youre being foolish!” Angry yet helpless, Mu Feichi flicked her forehead in mock anger.

If she really was ready to stand next to him, the group of women wouldnt be able to do anything to her even if they wanted to.

She had to do everything in such a roundabout and complicated way.

He really couldnt do anything about her.

Yun Xi pulled away his hands and raised her head slightly.

She couldnt help but ask curiously, “Young Marshal, do you know how Young Master Jiang ended up this way”

She knew that he must know the inside story.

As the leader and the Young Marshal of the military state, he must know.

“Why do you ask” Mu Feichi resumed his composure and looked down at her.

In reality, from the bottom of his heart, he didnt want her to have too much contact with the Jiang family, especially because the affection Old Master Jiang had for her made him feel that even if the marriage contract was cancelled in the future, it wouldnt be good for her.

Whats more, she had a scumbag fiance like Jiang Henglin, who wandered around every day with his rightful title.

Did he not take him, Mu Feichi, seriously

“Im just curious.”

“The Jiang familys affairs are very complicated, and its not suitable for you to meddle in them.”

“Why Im just curious, thats all.

Why cant I hear the story”

“If you want to hear a story, I will tell you one in your bed at night.”

“Cant you please tell me now Make a long story short.”

She could tell that he had ulterior motives.

She didnt want to listen to any bedtime stories.

“I dont want to tell you the story now.” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, then raised his hand and squeezed her little pink face.

“Also, this Jiang Qilin isnt as simple as he appears.

I will tell you in more detail later.”

“…” This guy has clearly made up his mind to climb through her window and into her bed.

Saying that he would elaborate later was just an excuse.

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