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Chapter 699: Wouldnt Be At Peace For The Rest Of Her Life

When Mu Feichi walked towards the main hall, everyone was feeling relieved.

Most people werent interested in things happening there.

They were only interested in the three major leaders, including Mu Feichi.

The crowd that was watching the drama quickly dispersed, so Yao Ying hurriedly rushed over.

She looked worriedly at Yun Xi and asked, “Are you okay”

“Im okay, second aunt, so dont worry about me.” Yun Xi said while shaking her head.

Her stubborn face was full of pride and reluctance to admit defeat.

Han Yaotian, who had stayed behind to clean up the mess, came over and apologized to Yun Xi with a smile on his face.

“Yun Xi, my sister-in-law has gotten used to being spoiled by the family, so please dont mind!”

Although Han Yaotian understood that Yun Xi had come to the banquet with the Yao family, he didnt expect that the Yao family were the guests of honor and were invited by the Young Marshal with the family crest!

If it werent for the fact that the Yao familys strength in the business, military, and political industries wasnt enough to compete with them, he would really be afraid of them gaining the upper position!

“I dont mind.” Yun Xi glanced at Han Yaotian aloofly, and her eyes swept across the resentful Han Qin, who was on the other side of the hall.

“It seems that Miss Han seems to mind”

Han Qin was just about to say something when Han Yaotian suddenly appeared in front of her, tilted his head, and whispered to her, “Little Aunt, you should go to the main hall to greet the guests!”

Knowing that Han Qin would be unwilling to, Han Yaotian added another sentence, “The Young Marshal is also over there now!”

Han Qin naturally wanted to join him as she didnt want the Young Marshal to be seduced by that group of flirtatious b*tches.

She snorted and glared at Yun Xi in warning, then raised her chin and walked away arrogantly.

Yun Xi glanced at Han Yaotian.

“Chairman Han, please go and greet the guests too! You dont need to mind me!

“Thats good, please forgive me for being inhospitable!”

The most important guests were in the main hall, and the banquet was about to begin.

Han Yaotian didnt want to waste too much time, so he hurried to the main hall.

Shen Yichen turned his head in distress.

His eyes were gloomy.

“Yun Xi, if you arent used to this kind of drama.

You should go back first!”

He really didnt want to see her wronged, especially by the people in this social circle, who tend to judge people according to their status.

“No need.

If I leave now, I will make the Yao family lose face.

After all, I came with my second aunt today.”

The Young Marshal defended the Yao family, so if she sheepishly left now, wouldnt his efforts be in vain

Yun Xi knew that he had good intentions, so she smiled at him to assure him.

“Eldest Heir, the banquet has already begun, so lets all go over!”

With that said, she stretched out her hand to help the Old Madam.

“Old Madam, lets go there too!”

“Alright.” The Old Madam nodded.

Despite what had happened, this girl wasnt meek or overbearing.

She had the posture of a Madam in control of the household.

If she really married into the Jiang family in the future, she wouldnt be a bad Madam.

In the huge banquet room, Han Yaotian was the host, since the Han family presided over this years banquet.

Standing in the crowd, Yun Xi raised her eyes and looked at the figure standing on the stage.

In her last life, during this year, she hadnt met Han Yaotian yet

The young man on the stage had gradually acquired the charm of a man unique to his age.

He was dazzling and handsome.

He was wearing an expensive black tuxedo.

His every movement and gesture was poised and confident.

However, no matter how expensive the tuxedo was, it was still covering the heart of a treacherous opportunist.

She will never forget how she died, nor will she forget how Han Yaotian exploited and schemed against her!

She was overwhelmed with hatred for him.

If she didnt get payback in this life, she wouldnt be at peace for the rest of her life.

Squinting her eyes slightly, she stepped back from the Old Madam and moved to a corner where she could clearly see everyone.

What surprised her was that she actually saw a familiar yet also unfamiliar figure! ! !

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