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Chapter 688: All Thanks to Her, So How Could She Not Be Smug

When Yun Xi came downstairs dressed for the banquet, Liang Xinyi turned her head as soon as she heard the movement of the dress on the stairs.

When she saw Yun Xi all dressed up, a ferocious look flashed across her gloomy face.

Her whole face became distorted with anger, and she grit her teeth.

She could have attended the banquet today, but the scandal had ruined her reputation for the rest of her life.

There was nothing she could do about it.

At this moment, she could only sit here and watch Yun Xi attend the banquet.

That had been the best chance for her to change her life, but now she had nothing.

And Yun Xi Her future had just begun.

After attending todays banquet, her life would probably have infinite possibilities.

The more she thought about it, the more resentful she became, and the more difficult it was to accept such a contrast.

When she saw the dress that Yun Xi was wearing, Chen Lixues eyes darkened.

This wretched girls taste was pretty good.

She usually dressed plainly, but she looked completely different wearing this gown.

This gown was particularly beautiful and made her look like a princess.

During all her many years in the countryside she had never seen such a beautiful gown.

If they had still been in the countryside, she would definitely have taken Yun Xis clothes for Xinyi to wear.

Why did that little b*tch get to look so good

But this was the Yun family, and there was a second aunt who was in charge and protected her.

She could only look at her and feel angry in her heart.

“Oh, are you going to a banquet or a beauty pageant Dressed like this, youre going to try to seduce men, arent you”

Her daughters reputation had been ruined, and she might not be able to change her fate anymore.

At this moment, seeing Yun Xis glamorous appearance, Chen Lixue felt uncomfortable and naturally wanted to mock her to make herself feel a little better.

Yun Xi walked over to the sofa, glanced at Liang Xinyi and her mother, and said, “Auntie, I cant compare to your daughter when it comes to seducing men.

How can you say such things so casually Arent you basically dissing my cousin”

“You…shut up!”

Yun Xi curled her lips into a sneer and her cold eyes indifferently watched the envious faces of the two of them.

She turned her head to look at Yao Ying.

“Second aunt, lets go!”

“Okay!” Yao Ying stopped staring in amazement at Chen Lixue, stood up, and walked out.

Yun Xi squinted as she glanced at Liang Xinyis hideous expression.

She chuckled lightly.

“Cousin, I will see what upper-class society looks like for you today.

As for you, I am afraid it will be very difficult to have a chance…”

Liang Xinyis face sank, and she spat out between her gritted teeth, “Yun Xi, dont be too smug!”

Yun Xi shrugged and turned away with an innocent expression.

Liang Xinyi had become how she was today all thanks to her, so how could she not feel smug

Everyone had to pay for what they did, and this was just the beginning!


The Yao familys Shengrong Winery was located in a suburban estate.

One part was a vineyard, one was a wine cellar, and the other was a residential area.

After the Huo family held a banquet in the lobby of the winery, many people from the upper class had come here to hold banquets, chat, and discuss matters.

Therefore, Yao Yings brother, Yao Rong, had doubled the size of the winerys banquet hall and redecorated it.

In the hall, under the magnificent crystal chandelier, a luxurious banquet kicked off at this moment.

The arched relief ceiling was covered with gorgeous oil paintings and inlaid with thick gilded patterns.

The dazzling giant crystal chandelier projected romantically ambiguous lighting, and the burgundy Persian carpet set off the festive atmosphere of the whole banquet.

The Han family, who were hosting, had arrived early in the morning and begun to receive the members of various families as well as their relatives.

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