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Chapter 681: Really Hadnt Shown Any Mercy

“Do you really think everyone is as shameless as your daughter My daughter is protected by the Chen family because she saved the Eldest Heirs life and helped the Old Madame with her health problems.

How can you compare her with your shameless daughter Its totally ridiculous.

At such a young age, she climbed into a mans bed to get what she wanted.

I feel sick thinking about it.”

It was extremely rare to hear Liang Xiuqin defending Yun Xi.

However, Yun Xi understood that she wasnt defending her daughter as much as she was comparing her with Liang Xinyi in order to humiliate Chen Lixue and emphasize her superiority.

Liang Xiuqin snorted coldly.

She now understood where the money Liang Xinyi had given her had come from.

Shed gotten it by selling her body, and Liang Xiuqin felt disgusted even thinking about it.

She didnt feel any sympathy for her at all.

“Well, cousin, I didnt know that you were selling your body in exchange for money.

If this scandal gets spread around your school, I guess you wont have to go to school when school starts next year because youll be laughed at.”

Yun Ziling followed Liang Xiuqins lead in rubbing salt in her wounds.

Their gleeful expressions just made everything worse.

Liang Xinyis eyes, full of tears, glared at them hatefully.

Then she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

“Thats enough! Why dont you all just shut up Yun Xi has been disturbed by you all.” Yao Ying was really annoyed and interrupted their quarreling.

Although she had already guessed what the relationship between Liang Xinyi and that person from the Han family was, she really hadnt expected that this underage child would dare to be so bold.

This time, not only would the Han familys reputation be ruined, but also the Yun family would be implicated.

Fortunately, Yun Yuanfeng had already gone to work.

If he had been here, there would probably be a huge ruckus right now.

“Second Aunt, whats happening Why is it so noisy so early in the morning”

Hearing the second aunt mention her name, Yun Xi had come downstairs.

Yao Ying glanced at all the argumentative people as she handed the newspaper on the table to Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyi saw what she was doing and rushed forward to grab it back.

No matter what, this newspaper couldnt be seen by Yun Xi.

Her self-esteem wouldnt be able to stand Yun Xi humiliating her to her face.

But she wasnt fast enough.

As soon as Yun Xi touched the newspaper, Liang Xinyi gave up and sat down on the sofa dejectedly.

Opening the newspaper, Yun Xi glanced at a huge headline, “Third Young Master of the Han family fools around with underage girl as they frequent private places together many times.”

There was an article and many candid shots as well as intimate photos of the two.

There were even photos of them entering and leaving private villas.

Along with this revelation, Liang Xinyis entire background was exposed as well.

In the lower right-hand corner of the newspaper, there was also an advertisement offering legal aid and providing counseling services for underage girls as well as individual prosecution investigations.

In the newspaper, Han Zhongteng and Liang Xinyi were both photographed very clearly and were easily identifiable.

In this era, the medias awareness of privacy rights protection wasnt very strong.

Sometimes, the people who were photographed could be shown completely, with no blacked-out areas.

Since this was in the Jingdu Morning Post, probably everyone in Jingdu knew the story by now.

No wonder Liang Xinyi was crying so pitifully.

Feng Yi really hadnt shown any mercy when hed exposed this story.

But this was better.

This was the effect that shed wanted.

Liang Xinyi had thought that Yun Xi would ridicule her somewhat, but she didnt expect that she wouldnt say anything but simply put the newspaper aside.

“Cousin, this is such a huge scandal.

Lets wait for my dad to come back and see how hell deal with it.

After all, you arent from our Yun family.

As long as we disassociate ourselves from the matter, people from outside naturally wont gossip about our Yun family, and it wont damage the familys reputation as much.

The prominent clans pay a lot of attention to reputation, especially at this time, since the three prominent clans have handed over the right to host the Weiya Banquet to the Han family.

However, now something like this has happened to the Han family.

Im worried that no one is going to let you off the hook.

I think, for safetys sake, you should go back to the countryside and go into hiding.”

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