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Chapter 669: Precursor to Lifting the Crisis

At dinnertime, Yun Xis second aunt came over.

Recently, she had been buying New Years goods.

Her experience was on a par with Liang Xiuqins.

The New Years goods were all well-considered, and Grandfather Yun was very pleased.

When the housekeeper came to call Yun Xi down to eat, Yun Xi came downstairs.

She knew that the housekeeper was going to announce the good news that she had arranged.

This morning, the three prominent clans had issued announcements all at the same time.

Starting this year, the right to host the Weiya Banquet had been delegated to the four distinguished families.

From now on, it would be held in turn among the seven sects every year.

The Han family was the sect that had been picked to host the Banquet this year.

The recent turmoil in the Han family had been grave and, since they had also offended the Young Marshal, the Mu family had been secretly giving the Han family a hard time.

Now that this news had come out, all the rumors about the Han family were dispelled.

Everyone thought this was a precursor to the Han familys crisis being lifted.

Some people also thought that this was the Mu familys way out for the Han family.

If the Han family didnt act gratefully, it was likely that the Han family would be in an even more difficult situation in the future.

The Han family naturally knew all the things that the outside world was thinking about too, so they didnt dare to neglect the honor of hosting the Weiya Banquet.

As soon as theyd received the news, they hurriedly started to make preparations.

It was dinnertime, but the news had spread throughout Jingdu long ago.

The timing was tight.

Already all the hotels and restaurants had been taking reservations for New Years Eve dinners, and many hotels were fully booked.

The hotels that the Han family owned were also fully booked.

If the Han family tried to transfer out some of those with reservations, it might have a big impact on the reputation of the Han familys hotel business.

Likewise, it could also affect the Banquet.

Therefore, now, the first order of business was to find a suitable place for the banquet in the shortest amount of time.

Therefore, it would either have to be in a clubhouse or a manor.

Clubhouses had a certain reputation in Jingdu, especially because in this era the facilities in the clubhouses werent as high-end and extravagant as they had been in previous generations.

It seemed as if the Han family would definitely have to choose a manor in the end.

In Jingdu, the manor that was the most high-end had to be the Yao familys manor in Rongxi.

It wasnt that far from Jingdu, and all the facilities were very complete.

The Huo family had held a banquet there five or six years ago.

Although it had been renovated since then, it had a good reputation.

The place that the Han family would have to choose in the end would definitely be this place.

After all, it was the same place that the Huo family had chosen, and, following that example, at least they wouldnt be offending anyone.

Yun Xi heard Liang Xiuqin and her second aunt discussing the Weiya Banquet in the living room when she got downstairs.

It would definitely be impossible for a small family like theirs to be invited.

Three century-old prominent clans, four distinguished families, seven families in total, were going to gather the most elite, the richest, and the most powerful figures from Jingdus upper-class society.

Anyone would want to join in the fun and get to meet these people.

More important, if one could meet someone of the right age there, it could become the basis for a powerful marriage.

Therefore, as soon as the news leaked out, the entire upper society of Jingdu was immediately buzzing about it.

It didnt even matter whether one got an invitation letter.

Being an attendant at the manor would also be a good opportunity.

Therefore, many people were going to use every kind of ruse and all kinds of excuses to sneak in.

Liang Xiuqin had that same idea.

The second aunt was the only daughter of the Yao family.

She was very much loved by the Old Master.

Liang Xiuqin was certain that it would be easy for her to arrange for a few attendants to get inside.

And if Yun Ziling could get in and meet an heir of a wealthy family, it wouldnt be difficult for her to marry into a wealthy family in the future.

Liang Xiuqins wishful thinking was well thought out, and the second aunt naturally understood her thoughts, but she just played dumb and stalled for time until Yun Xi came downstairs.

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