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Chapter 667: She Wasnt Going to Be Merciful

When Yun Xi returned home, Liang Xiuqin started showing off her new hairstyle and new clothes.

In order to act as if she cared about her family, Yun Xi stopped and asked about her sisters.

Yun Ziling was idly picking out New Years clothes.

Yun Chuhan was said to be reviewing her schoolwork at a classmates house; she was the busiest person in the family.

Liang Xinyi was also here.

This time, Liang Xinyi had crossed her bottom line, so Yun Xi wasnt going to be merciful with her in retaliation.

To her surprise, Yun Yuanfeng was also at home.

She didnt know if he had been waiting for her to get home or if he didnt have some kind of business entertainment today.

As far as she knew, the end of each year was the busiest time for the Energy Bureau, with the most social gatherings, the most New Years Eve dinners, and the most benefits to reap.

It really surprised her that he, the deputy director, was able to be enjoying leisure time at home.

Seeing her come home, Yun Yuanfeng, his face full of pride and joy, looked up from the newspaper hurriedly.

“Yun Xi, I heard that you won one of only two places to represent our country in an overseas competition! You also won an international prize.

“Yes, Dad, how did you find out”

Yun Xi watched the reactions of the people around her, as she replied calmly.

“Your principal called, and now the entire villa complex knows that our Yun familys eldest daughter has won an international award that even the professors from the Academy of Sciences couldnt get! They also said that youre the youngest researcher in history who has won this award.

You might not know it, but you have brought our family glory in the villa complex.”

Yun Xi smiled indifferently.

She wouldnt let go of this opportunity to gain an advantage for herself.

“The principal was exaggerating things a little too much.

Im just going to participate in a competition and get a prize, and, after New Years, Im going to go abroad to compete to win another prize.

Dad, will you sponsor me”

“Of course! This is a good thing, so Dad will definitely support you.

Just tell Dad how much it costs, and Dad will give it to you afterward.”

“Okay, thanks.” Yun Xi nodded, and then turned to look at Yun Ziling, who had a disdainful expression on her face.

“Youre preparing new clothes for the New Year so soon Oh right, I suddenly remembered that I dont have new clothes yet.”

When she said this, Yun Yuanfeng gave her some money right away so that she could buy herself some new clothes.

He gave her money so generously that both Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were green-eyed with envy.

Wasnt it just because her grades were better Why did she get to reap all the rewards and benefits It was infuriating!

“Mom, my sisters hundreds of yuan will be enough for her to buy many sets of clothes.

I also want more clothes.”

All of Liang Xiuqins money had been squandered on giving herself a makeover, so there wasnt much left.

She didnt want to reject Yun Zilings request, so she could only grit her teeth and nod.

She glared at Yun Xi with displeasure, but didnt say anything too harsh, especially in front of Yun Yuanfeng.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised by her mothers reaction, because she knew exactly how Liang Xiuqin was.

She can resist ridiculing her right now only because she had another punching bag.

After all, the news that she had gone to the winter camp for training had spread throughout the villa complex.

Although everyone despised what Liang Xiuqin had done, Yun Xi was her daughter, so they would congratulate her when they encountered her.

This made Liang Xiuqin feel smug in front of Chen Lixue, especially because they both had daughters.

Liang Xinyis uselessness was in stark contrast to Yun Xis excellence.

Even though she didnt like this daughter of hers, it was a joy for her to show off the contrast smugly in front of Chen Lixue.

So, Yun Xi was happy to act as the fuse between the two of them.

After all, she hadnt instigated the discord.

Even if Chen Lixue wanted to vent it out on someone, Liang Xiuqin would be the first person she found, instead of her.

“Mom, your new hairstyle is so pretty.

You look as young as a teenager!”

Who didnt know how to say flattering things Especially regarding this kind of cliche compliment that was easy to say.

Any woman would be happy to hear it.

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