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Chapter 666: Increase the Hatred between Them

After listening to Yun Xis plans, Feng Yi couldnt help but be a little surprised.

However, before he could even ask a question, Mu Feichis eyes were already threatening him.

“Dont ask too many questions.

Just do whatever she asks you to do.”

Feng Yi smiled wryly.

Mu Feichi should at least have let him finish his sentence, right

“Boss, then you have to let me know what kind of effect she wants to achieve.

If I go all out, things will definitely be done splendidly.

Everything depends on how big of a sensation you want.”

As he said this, Feng Yi turned and glanced at Yun Xi, waiting for her answer.

“The bigger, the better.

This year, the Young Marshal plans to hand over the right to host the Weiya Banquet to the Han family.

Because of this, the Han family will become the most watched prominent family in Jingdu.

Since they will be in the spotlight, naturally they cant make any mistakes.

If at this time there was a sensational scandal in the city…”

“Okay, I understand.

I will follow up on this matter right away.”

“All right, this is your big chance.

However, you have to disassociate yourself from me, and you cant let the Han family find out that you are with the Mu family.

Otherwise, the Young Marshal will be called on to defend himself.”

Feng Yi nodded.

He didnt expect this little girl to understand all the ramifications of this so well.

Although the relationship between her and the Young Marshal wasnt clear, since the Young Marshal was so attentive to her, it could be seen that their relationship was unusual, and he naturally dared not be careless.

“I understand.

I know exactly what to do.”

There was still a week to go until the Weiya Banquet, and the speed at which scandals spread was enough time to get news to spread throughout Jingdu.

As soon as Feng Yi left, Mu Feichi turned to her and said domineeringly, “Even if I get implicated, Im not afraid of what others would say about me.”

“But I am afraid.

In front of the women in Jingdu, the Young Marshals status is noble and lofty.

I cant ruin your image in their minds.”

She didnt want to ruin his sacred image in their minds because of something she had done in the pursuit of her own goals.

Although this godly mans lack of a bottom line when it came to her seemed domineering and unreasonable, it was also coquettish and cute.

“Then what do I look like in your mind” Mu Feichi leaned over in front of her.

At such a close distance, he could almost kiss her.

“The Young Marshal has a godlike existence.”

“But I just want to be an ordinary person!”

“But you have been destined to be an extraordinary person ever since you were born.”

Due to something like fate, people were mostly unable to change their status and background, which would follow people for the rest of their lives.

“Forget it, lets not talk about this.

Lets go back to the house.”

With that said, he shouted at Great White, turned around, and directly walked to his house.

Yun Xi looked at his arrogant figure and sighed slightly.

He didnt want to make her feel the sense of a lofty distance between them.

However, this distance had always existed, and he could also sense that she had always felt inferior.

It seems that the ostrich mentality of this girl could only be dealt with by time.

He hoped that when she grew up, when she was strong enough, she would have enough confidence and feel that she was qualified to stand beside him.

After the ten-day winter camp ended, Yun Xi returned to the Yun familys home directly from Tianyu Mountain where shed been staying to recuperate.

Although shed told her family that the training camp didnt have any access to the outside world, she still knew all about the situation at home.

The housekeeper reported to her all the time, and there was also her lifeline with her second aunt.

She had been constantly made aware of the conflict between Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue.

When she got home, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xiuqin, who had squandered a huge sum of money to remake herself.

The money had indeed been worth it.

If nothing else, it had made Liang Xiuqin, the Deputy Directors wife, more confident and younger looking.

However, Chen Lixue had become her foil as a result.

This contrast of course was going to increase the hatred between these two, and money would always be the bottomless pit between them.

Liang Xinyi had become Liang Xiuqins cash cow.

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