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Chapter 664: Easier to Control and Deal With

He gave her anything she wanted without asking her what she wanted to do with it.

It was as if even if she poked a hole in the sky, he would clean it up for her.

“What are you going to do about your classmate Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want me to do it for you”

Yun Xi glanced at him.

She knew that if he did it, the consequences would be a lot more severe than if she did it herself.

She was afraid that the rest of her life could be ruined as well.

“Leave Liang Xinyi to me, and you can deal with Zhou Chengzhe however you see fit.

I still need Liang Xinyi around to solve the following problems: shes got connections to the Han family, so, for my dad, shes still of use.

Moreover, Han Wanling is behind her, commanding from abroad.

I plan to use her to keep Han Wanling in line.”

The Han Wanling shed known from her previous life was much more intelligent and had much better strategies than the one she knew in this life.

She believed that Han Wanling, who was going to come back in a few years, was going to be a woman with a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

At that time, Yun Xi was planning to also use her to deal with Han Yaotian, and maybe even to uproot the entire Han family.

With Mu Feichis powers, she could take many shortcuts and solve many problems.

But she wanted to do it all by herself.

They had wronged her in her last life, so she wanted to make sure that they were paid back.

“I told you last time.

You cant be too kind to the enemy!”

“Believe me! I know that in my heart.”

Turning her head, Yun Xi glanced at the calendar on the bedside table.

“Young Marshal, do the three prominent clans and the four distinguished families all have a banquet before the Spring Festival every year”

“Yes, and its in just a few days.

Its a tradition of the three prominent families, who take turns to hold it.

This year it is second bros familys turn.

People from the four distinguished families have only celebrated with us for the past 20 years.

However, it has always been held by the three prominent clans, and the four distinguished families dont have the necessary qualifications to run it.

In Jingdu, although there are many people with money and power and many families have contacts in the military, political, and business circles, they cant compare with the centennial foundation of the three prominent clans.

Between the families, this status barrier still exists.”

“Why does no one try to break this status barrier I dont mean to exaggerate the ambitions of the four distinguished families, but, if some status symbols are delegated to them, they may respect the three prominent clans more.

In this way, the three prominent clans every move will be magnified, and they will care more about fame, status, and honor.

Similarly, they will be easier to control and deal with.”

Mu Feichi laughed to himself, and a hint of admiration flashed across his eyes.

He had already thought about this issue, especially since the Han familys ambitions had been getting bigger and bigger this year, and theyd even started to get involved in drug trafficking, which was simply a blemish of shame on their reputation.

So, he had thought about discussing delegating some honors to the four distinguished families that werent super important with the other two families this year, because he had also felt that it would make them easier to control and deal with.

It was only that he was surprised because he hadnt expected that this little girl, who was so young, would still see the situation in Jingdu and make that kind of comment to him.

It was quite impressive to him.

This young girl in front of him was pure-hearted and innocent, yet also highly talented.

She was becoming more and more like the Madame Mu he wanted.

She had such great tactics and brilliant talents, so it certainly wouldnt be a problem for her to secure the position of Mrs.

Mu in the future.

Regardless of whether or not Commander Mu acknowledged her, her strength and talents were now enough.

As for other aspects about her, he would enjoy them slowly, and no one else should even think about getting close to her.

“Thats a very good idea.

Tomorrow, I will discuss it with the other two clans and make changes starting this year.”

As he said this, Mu Feichi met her mirthful eyes with a smile.

“This matter has something to do with your plan to deal with Han Zhongteng”

Yun Xi nodded, and didnt try to hide it.

“You will know when the time comes.”

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