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Chapter 648: This Is The Proof Of His Guilt

Lu Zhiwei now understood what was going on, and his eyes changed expression when he looked at Zhou Chengzhe.

“You said that youve never been to the woods, and you had no idea what Yun Xi was doing in there.

But now your hands are stained with water from the sewer.

This proves that you were the one wearing the gloves who placed the snakes behind the girls dormitory last night.

Zhou Chengzhe, tell me honestly, did you bring the snakes into the academy!”

“No, its not me!” Zhou Chengzhe denied vehemently as he stepped backwards.

He gritted his teeth anxiously as his eyes locked on Yun Xi.

He fought back the urge to pounce on that b*tch.

“She framed me! I did nothing wrong!”

Todays incident would be reported to the school, and he would lose his qualification for the final exam.

And if he got kicked out by the competitions organizing committee, he would surely be blacklisted by all the major colleges and universities during the college entrance examination!

This matter was tied to his future and reputation, so he couldnt just admit to the crime so easily.

But in the face of the evidence, what else could he do

Everything was going smoothly up till today, but in hindsight, he now realized that he was set up bu by that b*tch, Yun Xi!

He was sure he had thrown the glove into the trash can, but now, it had resurfaced by the window of her dormitory.

It was supposed to be evidence against her but the glove turned out to be the “proof” against him instead.

In addition, Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling, who had pretended to be bitten by the snakes, were absent from class this morning.

Looking back, he realized that they were simply waiting for the opportunity to lure him out.

All of this was that b*tch Yun Xis scheme.

And all this while he had thought that he had the upper hand.

This wasnt how he expected things to turn out!

Zhang Peipei sneered, “If you didnt do anything wrong then why did your hands change color Are you telling us that you went to the sewer to wash your hands with the dirty water”


Zhou Chengzhe was just about to reply but Zhang Peipei quickly interrupted him.

“Teacher Lu, he must be the one who brought the snakes to our dormitory.

If you dont believe it, you can let the other students try out the experiment.”

As she was talking, Zhang Peipei took the water basin and walked towards her classmates.

The classmates who had a clear conscience willingly put their hands into the aqueous solution.

Some were curious about the chemical reaction and couldnt wait to try it.

After this, Zhou Chengzhe felt that there was nothing else that he could do.

Although he didnt want to admit defeat like this, the evidence was there in front of the heads of the organizing committee.

He had no more excuses to make.

“Okay, I think were done here,” Teacher Lu said.

“Zhou Chengzhe, Yun Xi, come with me.

All other students should go back to your classes.

Teacher Lu wanted to stop Zhou Chengzhe from continuing to make excuses and occupying class time.

He then turned around and went out of the classroom.

Yunxi turned to Zhao Yumo and Zhang Peipei and nodded her gratitude.

She then turned around and walked out of the classroom.

Zhao Yumo caught the expression on Zhou Chengzhes face as he left.

His eyes were filled with sinister hatred and it gave her chills.

“Tsk, he even looks like a villain! That expression on his face makes it seem as if he wants to devour people!”

So what if he really wanted to kill them They had won this battle and Zhou Chengzhe had no other moves to make.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

This is a saying that he probably never understood.

But that doesnt matter.

After this incident has concluded, Zhou Chengzhe would have no hope of entering any of the major foreign universities.

And his chances of entering domestic universities would completely depend on how the organizing committee treated this matter.

Outside, Yun Xi was standing silently next to Teacher Lu.

She raised her head and glanced at Zhou Chengzhe as he joined them.

He was visibly angry, and his savage eyes made him appear terrifyingly hideous.

“Yun Xi, we can already confirm that Zhou Chengzhe planted the snakes and that he tried to frame it on you.

Although this had nothing to do with you, you must remember to report it first if anything similar were to take place again.

After all, snakes arent always harmless creatures.

Fortunately, the snakes in this situation werent poisonous.

If they were poisonous, then the organizing committee would be held responsible for it.


“Yes, I understand!”

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