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Chapter 643: Exact His Revenge

“How so Shes alright now, isnt she” Xie Yongfei defended himself.

“Maybe Yun Xi is just pretending, like athief shouting to catch the thief.

Shes already got the top spot, so she knows that no one will suspect her.

Dont be so quick to defend her, Zhao Yumo.

Maybe youre her target when she released those snakes!”

Zhao Yumo couldnt help but burst out laughing when she heard his words.

“How ridiculous.

I know what kind of person Yun Xi is better than you.

You dont have to try to drive a wedge between us.

Im actually more suspicious of you! Why do you keep accusing Yun Xi even though you cant provide any conclusive evidence Maybe youre the one thats athief shouting catch the thief! Zhou Chengzhe, since youre so dead set against Yun Xi, could it be that you let the snake in”

“Zhao Yumo, dont slander me.

And I do have evidence! Everything will be clear if people search around the forest behind the dormitory building!”

“Youre so confident.

Did you deliberately put the snakes there to frame Yun Xi”

“How could I predict that someone in your dormitory would be bitten by a snake And its impossible to predict that the teacher will search the forest.

Theres no way I could plan all this in advance.”

“You…” Zhao Yumo glared at him.

She was pretending to be defeated so that Zhou Chengzhe would think that his strategy had succeeded.

But in reality, she was so agitated by Zhou Chengzhes shamelessness!

“Quiet! Everyone be quiet!” Teacher Lu Zhiwei slammed his fist on the podium.

He glared at the people in charge and nodded slightly to them.

What the students have said seemed to make sense.

But no matter what, one of them must have lied.

The problem was, Lu Zhiwei couldnt tell who it was.

“Ill send some people to go the woods to carry out a search.

If there is any evidence, well talk about it later.

For now, lets all head to the cafeteria for breakfast.

And for safety reasons, no one is allowed to go into the dormitory.

There are people there that are searching the rooms.

Well all meet back here in an hour.”

As someone with experience, Lu Zhiwei arranged things in an orderly manner, and quickly suppressed the panic among the students.

Yun Xi was a player they had selected to represent the country in the grand competition.

If such a scandal truly happened, it would bring shame to the entire organizing committee.

However, they would not wrong a student without a complete investigation.

Especially not a student who was a genius, and could easily win the international award.

As soon as the teacher finished speaking, Xie Yongfei stood up.

“Teacher Lu, what happens if the culprit runs away and destroys the evidence”

“Dont worry,” Teacher Lu Zhiwei replied.

“The academy has arranged for someone to be there.

There is only one entrance to the forest from there, and a teacher will be guarding the entrance to make sure that no one can enter.”

With this reply from the teacher, both Xie Yongfei and Zhou Chengzhe felt a little relieved.

They were worried that Yun Xi would take the opportunity to destroy the evidence they had hidden there.

If this were the case, they would have no evidence, and things would become as Zhao Yumo had said.

He would become the prime suspect instead of Yun Xi!

As Yun Xi left the classroom, she winked at Zhao Yumo, although neither of them spoke, and went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Everything that could be done, was done.

All the plans were laid out.

What should have been said had been said, and the trap had been laid out.

Now, they were just waiting for Zhou Chengzhe to walk into it.

On the way to the cafeteria, Zhou Chengzhe trailed behind Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

He slowly realized that throughout the entire confrontation, Yun Xi hadnt said a single word.

From beginning to end, whether it was his or Xie Yongfeis aggression, Yun Xi just kept quiet.

It made him feel less confident.

He had suffered a lot in her hands, so he was afraid of this girl.

The more fearful he was, the more it made him want to step on her!

But, soon he could exact his revenge, and she will get a taste of being schemed against!

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