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Chapter 642: So These Two Were In Cahoots!

When he heard the name “Yun Xi”, Lu Zhiwei abruptly turned his head to look at Yun Xi.

But her face was calm and indifferent.

“Yun Xi Are you sure she is the one you saw”

Zhou Chengzhe nodded.

“It was definitely her! She wore this dress on the first day of school as well.

I remember it well, so theres no way Im wrong.”

“Since you saw her sneaking into the woods, werent you curious to follow her and find out what she was up to”

“My skin is prone to allergies, and there are insects in the woods that will bite me,” Zhou Chengzhe explained.

“If I had gone into the woods and gotten bitten by the insects, it would delay the training program.

Its not that I wasnt curious, its just that I wasnt curious enough to take the risk.”

After a pause, Zhou Chengzhe chuckled lightly.

With a calm look on his face, he said, “Maybe I misunderstood Yun Xi.

Maybe she was just taking a walk in the woods.”

Lu Zhiwei retracted his gaze, furrowed his eyebrows, and glanced at Yun Xi, then asked in a calm voice, “Yun Xi, how do you explain this Have you been to the forest behind the boys dormitory”

Yun Xi stood up and shook her head with an innocent look.

“No, I havent! The dormitory administrator said on the first day that girls are forbidden to approach the male dormitory.

If I had gotten close to the dormitory, the other students must have seen me.

All the male students in the class live in the boys dormitory.

Zhou Chengzhe said that he has seen me several times, and he cant be the only one, right Teacher, you can ask the other students if they have seen me anywhere near the male dormitory.”

Teacher Lu Zhiwei nodded, and his sharp eyes surveyed the huge classroom.

“Has anyone else seen Yun Xi around the boys dormitory”

He wasnt sure about the credibility of Zhou Chengzhes words.

But that said, it was still possible that Yun Xi had done the crime.

He needed more evidence.

The boys in the classroom looked at each other and shook their heads.

There was quite a distance between the boys dormitory and the girls dormitory, and the school cafeteria was in the opposite direction.

No matter what, a girl being near the boys dormitory would arouse their hormones and cause a buzz.

No matter what the purpose for appearing near the dormitory was, as long as the other person was a female and a boy noticed her, he would inevitably whistle and cause a fuss.

Dating was forbidden in school.

But subtle flirting couldnt be restrained.

Seeing everyone shaking their heads, Zhou Chengzhe suddenly became anxious.

He quickly kicked Xie who was beside him, under the table.

Xie Yongfei took the cue and raised his hand.

“Teacher, I saw her!”

Lu Zhiwei raised his eyebrows.”Really When”

“We were at dinner yesterday evening.

But as soon as I returned to the dormitory after dinner, I saw her passing downstairs, through the alley, and heading towards the woods.”

Lu Zhiwei turned his head to look at Yun Xi, and confronted her directly, “Yun Xi, did this happen”

Yun Xi glanced at Xie Yongfei.

Wasnt this person the classmate who arrived with Zhou Chengzhe on the first day and was almost late

So these two were in cahoots!

“After class yesterday afternoon, Yumo and I went straight back to the dormitory.

We then went to the cafeteria with Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling.

The four of us went back together.

This classmate said that he saw me, but he was probably mistaken, right If you want to further clarification, you can ask Yumo and the other two classmates to see if I have lied.”

“Teacher, I can testify that Yun Xi has been with us all the time and never left alone!” Zhao Yumo gave Xie Yongfei a cool glance.

“Do you think that Yun Xi is stupid enough to do this Let herself get bitten by the snake Besides, she has already gotten a place in the finals.

Does she still need to do this If she really wanted to play dirty, why not let the snakes into someone elses dorm instead of her own dorm Dont be ridiculous.”

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