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Chapter 617: My Woman Was Destined To Be Extraordinary

When Young Marshal Mu left, he had issued a binding order.

As such, Su Hang didnt dare to allow Yun Xi into his laboratory.

Instead, he drove over in a small sports car to meet her.

“Yun Xi!” Su Hang lowered the window and called out to her.

Yun Xi pulled open the car door and got into the passenger seat.


Lets go to your laboratory.”

“Huh Arent we going to grab something to eat first I finally have some time to unwind, so the least I could do is to treat you to a good meal, right”

Yun Xi buckled her seat belt and glanced over at Su Hang.

“Im not used to you acting so generously.”

Su Hang looked confused.

“But Ive always been generous!”

“Then please let me be your assistant! Ive just finished my exam today, and since your virus vaccine still isnt developed, you should let me help you.”

When it came to this matter, Su Hang continued to refuse and resist.

“No… When the young marshal left, he forbade you from entering my laboratory.

So dont even think about it!”

If anything were to happen to Yun Xi, or if she accidentally contracted the virus, something happened to her, or she accidentally contracted the virus, the young marshal will kill him when he comes back!

“But youve been carrying out your research for so long and yet, you still havent developed a vaccine.

What happens if the young marshal, or anyone important, is infected with the virus Time is of the essence here.

Youre a military doctor.

Cant you see how important this is”

“Miss, this is different, alright.

My assistants are working overtime to develop the vaccine.

It wont make a difference whether youre there to help or not.

Youre just making things more difficult.”

In truth, Su Hang wanted to ask her for help, but he didnt have the guts to do so.

The last time he had developed the formula, Yun Xi had introduced him to new ingredients that allowed him to successfully synthesize a new type of medicine.

Since that day, he has learned to never underestimate her ability in the medical field.

The problem was that he would never dare to challenge the authority of the tyrant!

Yun Xi continued to persuade him.

“I promise I wont mess up.

Ill take precautionary measures like protective clothing and everything else.

What you guys are doing isnt efficient.

And anyway, the young marshal is out of town.

He wont know if you dont tell him.”

Su Hang hesitated for a moment.

But when he saw her persistence and enthusiasm, he finally nodded and accepted the risk.

“Fine! But if the vaccine is still not finished when the young marshal returns, then you better go away immediately.

If not, he will…”

“I know, I know,” Yun Xi said with a wave of her hand.

Of course she knew about the risks and why he was worrying so much.

“Lets go grab lunch, then we can start work.”


Yun Xi knew that she wouldnt have much time, so she found the excuse of staying with the old madam of the Shen family for a few days.

She packed up a few sets of clothes and went straight to Su Hangs laboratory.

Three days later, when the final exam results came out, Yun Xi listened to Zhao Yumo reporting her ranking.

Unsurprisingly, her name appeared in the first place.

The homeroom teacher called her up personally and asked her to go to the school to receive her reward.

At the same time, she would receive a form for the winter camp.

Only then did Yun Xi remember that next week would be the winter camp national training for the biological competition.

By then, she and Zhou Chengzhe would become the last two sworn enemies to participate in the finals.

If Zhou Chengzhe were to scheme against her during the winter camp, then she would have no choice but the retaliate even harder.

This time, she would crush him at his roots and ruin his chance to study abroad!

Su Hang took a look at the form for the biology competition that was sitting on the experiment table.

He squinted slightly, thought about it, then pointed to the surveillance camera above Yun Xi.

If her research on the vaccine proved to be successful, her experimental results would surely lead her to winning the competition at the winter camp.

“Yun Xi, do you want to take part in this biology competition Which field are you most confident in Genetics Heredity Maybe neurology or virology”

Yun Xi froze, and her eyes finally fell on the form on the experiment table.

“Actually, Im not very sure.

All four areas require life-long research to achieve any sort of results.

I just want to be a doctor.

But if I win the award, I can pick from the entire countrys universities.

And the tuition can be free.

How great would that be”

Su Hang looked at her, chuckled lightly, and remembered the words Young Marshal Mu had said, “My woman is destined to be extraordinary.”

This girl was destined to not be an ordinary person.

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