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Chapter 609: Trap for Him to Walk Into

The news of the theft of the exam papers spread quickly throughout the school.

At the same time, the homeroom teachers took advantage of the lunch break to start a search in each classroom.

Remembering that they had decided not to leave the classroom at the same time, Yang Lu glanced at Yun Xi and asked her in a whisper if she knew who had stolen the exam papers.

Yun Xi didnt tell her who it was directly, but just told her to wait for the good show.

However, the good show wasnt staged that afternoon as nothing was found in the initial search.

The whereabouts of the examination papers remained a mystery.

After hearing this news from the homeroom teacher, Zhou Chengzhe looked incredulous.

Hed obviously put the test paper in Yun Xis book, so how could they not have found it Did the searcher fail to look carefully

Had it actually been discovered by Yun Xi beforehand

That would be impossible.

It was impossible for her to have known that the test paper had been stolen, let alone know that the test paper was in her desk.

In order to resolve his doubts, Zhou Chengzhe planned to search Yun Xis desk after school.

If it was still in there, then he had to find a way to get the teacher to search again tomorrow.

He didnt expect that the test paper was actually in her textbook.

The test paper was clearly there, so why hadnt the searcher found it

Did Yun Xi put it away, or…was this her trap for him to walk right into

He didnt dare to startle the snake too soon so he didnt dare to stay for too long and risk getting caught.

After quickly putting the textbook back, he left the classroom with a heavy heart.

After the first period on the second day, Yun Xi got news from Zhao Yumo.

When Zhou Chengzhe went to see the English teacher and asked some questions, the test paper that was in his textbook suddenly fell out.

The title: Final Exam came into view.

The English teacher, who also happened to be the homeroom teacher, squatted down on the ground and picked up the three stolen examination papers.

Then he looked at Zhou Chengzhe with shock and disappointment.

Zhou Chengzhe couldnt understand why the test paper had appeared in his textbook, and how it happened to fall out of his English textbook.

It was also perplexing why it had happened to occur when he asked the homeroom teacher a question.

Such a series of coincidences were all unexpected miscalculations that shocked him.

He remembered that he had searched Yun Xis desk after school yesterday, and now, with all the coincidences that happened today, no matter how stupid he was, he understood that he had been set up by Yun Xi.

He himself had fallen into his own flawless trap, and she had emerged unscathed.

Now, not only did the entire senior grade teachers know that Zhou Chengzhe had stolen the exam papers, but even the affiliated high school had received the news.

Yun Xi sat, reading her book calmly while reviewing content for the final exam.

She was neither worried nor cared about how the school handled Zhou Chengzhes problems.

There had to be a result in the competition and struggle between her and him.

Right after school this day, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo made an appointment to go to her house to see her grandfather again.

Right out of school, they were stopped by a fierce-looking Zhou Chengzhe.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised by what was coming.

“Yun Xi, you schemed to frame me.

Since Ive suffered, dont think about having it easy either.”

As Zhou Chengzhe was about to rush over to start a fight with her, the driver of Zhao Yus family stopped him.

From a distance, Zhou Chengzhes face was full of anger and hatred.

His hateful fury made him appear like a venomous snake, and his eyes were full of viciousness.

“Zhou Chengzhe, you dug your own grave, yet you want others to pay for your sins.” Pointing at Zhou Chengzhes nose and cursing him, Zhao Yu stood in front of Yun Xi full of anger.

“If youre capable, then have a fair and honest contest.

These sort of underhanded, petty tricks are the most despicable.

You stole the exam papers yet wanted to plant them on Yun Xi, how shameless!”

“She planted it on me and framed me.

I dont know anything about it.

I dont know why the exam paper was in my textbook,” Zhou Chengzhe looked at all the students who were hovering around him and accused Yun Xi loudly.

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