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Chapter 605: Take Precautions

In Liang Xiuqins predicament, no one could help her.

She had dug her own grave, but her current situation gave her no choices.

If she let Chen Lixue stay, then she would have to think about her every day.

Even if she wanted to drive her away, she had already collected the money, so the decision had become irreversible.

If she didnt hold up her end of the bargain, people from the Han family might really do something to Yun Yuanfeng.

If that time came, Yun Yuanfeng would definitely ask her for a divorce again, and then that b*tch Chen Lixue would get all the benefits.

Liang Xiuqin wasnt stupid enough to give away her man, so in this dilemma she was facing, she decided to choose the lesser of the two evils.

Therefore, in the days following this discussion until the final exam, Yun Xi felt as if her ears were at ease without having to listen to the quarreling between Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue.

In contrast, Liang Xinyi looked sullen and unhappy all day long.

Perhaps it was because of Chen Lixue, who had humiliated herself at Xinyis school, or because she had had to eat vegetarian food at home for more than a week, but whenever she saw Yun Xi, her eyes became resentful.

Yun Xi didnt have the energy to pay any attention to her, but she also never let her guard down.

She knew that Liang Xinyi wouldnt leave her home easily.

In her previous life, in the Yun family and even in Jingdu, Liang Xinyi had lived a lot more flashily than she had.

In this life, with her understanding of Liang Xinyi, as long as Chen Lixue kept telling her that Liang Xiuqin had snatched Yun Yuanfeng from her back in the day, she would definitely want to stay and maybe right this wrong.

No matter how much humiliation she bore, she would not leave the Yun family, because, in her opinion, everything here should belong to her.

She wanted to take back what belonged to her by any means.

Precisely because she knew how Liang Xinyi was thinking, Yun Xi wasnt worried that she wouldnt be able to set up the mother and daughter in the future.

Yun Xi had injured her back, and she couldnt apply the ointment on the wound herself, so she was forced to ask Zhao Yumo for help.

Through Yun Xis persuasion, Mu Feichi went to preside over the overall situation that was going on in Country F.

The virus that was rampant there was no small matter.

In the face of the countrys interests, trivial romance had to be put aside.

The final exam was approaching, and Yun Xi learned from her homeroom teacher that the award for ranking top in the final exam this year was higher than in previous years.

The first prize was 500 yuan, which was a months living expenses for a student.

Yun Xi didnt intend to compete for first place with Zhou Chengzhe.

After all, she wasnt short of money.

However, he was bored with his life and always tried to provoke her.

So during this exam she wasnt going to hold back, but use all her strength to compete with Zhou Chengzhe.

Exam No.

19 and Exam No.

15 were distributed to various schools.

However, on the morning of the 16th, a teacher in the deans office received news that the exam papers for seniors had been stolen.

The three main subject papers sealed in the storage room had all been taken apart, and each was missing one copy.

No more, no less, only one.

It wasnt a big deal.

Extra sheets would be reserved for each test paper, in case the test papers with less printed copies were invalidated and not replaced.

But the final exam paper was also stolen, so whether the test questions had been leaked became a big problem.

Since such an enormous mistake had been made, all the teachers of the seniors were talking about it.

It was impossible for the test papers to be invalidated.

After all, all the schools in Jingdu used the same test questions for seniors, and it would ruin Jing High Schools reputation if word got out.

But if the test questions were leaked and all the students got the answers in advance, the test would be meaningless.

There was no monitoring of the storage room, so it was almost impossible to investigate the crime.

There were only three days left until the exam.

Anything could happen.

Yun Xi unexpectedly received a message from Mu Feichi.

There were only a few simple words in the message: “The senior grade levels examination papers were stolen, take precautions.”

Upon seeing this information, Yun Xi was stunned.

She didnt know how Mu Feichi knew better than she did about the stolen test paper.

It seemed as if one of the teachers was one of his people.

This person really… He actually worried about such small things.

Although it was unnecessary, she still felt touched.

The feeling of being cared about wasnt that bad.

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