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Chapter 603: A Bad Apple That Spoils the Bunch

After Yun Xi had been taken away by senior leaders, the principal and her homeroom teacher became very nervous.

They were worried that their top student might have made some mistakes that offended someone, and that it would implicate herself and the school.

The college entrance examination was coming soon.

She was a student who had the potential to win the top prize.

The principal and her homeroom teacher were unwilling to see such a good seedlings future crushed at this critical moment.

Therefore, Yun Xi was called into the office by her homeroom teacher as soon as she arrived at school.

Regarding what she had experienced yesterday, Yun Xi didnt tell them about it directly.

She only said that she had been called to answer some questions.

As for what really had happened, if she told them about it, she was afraid it would scare them.

When asked about her relationship with Young Marshal Mu and Commander Mu, Yun Xi thought about it for a while before finding a suitable excuse, the excuse of having once been his savior.

Mu Feichi had a special status.

She didnt want to become his weakness, and she didnt want him to be threatened again because of her, so saying that they had no relationship was the best answer.

Coming out of the office, Yun Xi looked at the blue sky outside the window.

She remembered that she wasnt strong enough now, and she indeed would only hinder him.

It was no wonder that Mu Feichi was always unwilling to fight alongside her.

She was a rookie who didnt even have the qualifications to stand alongside him.

In the medical field, she wanted to become stronger.

She had time to study, and she would choose this industry when she filled out her forms in the future.

Along with all the things shed learned in her last life, she would be able to dominate the entire medical field.

But, in terms of military strategy, if she didnt become a soldier but wanted to become stronger, she needed Mu Feichis help.

For this reason, it would be impossible for her to keep her distance from this man.

And having been kidnapped so many times, she really didnt want to suffer any more incidents.

Sighing slightly, she turned her head and walked toward the classroom.

The inferiority complex surging in her heart wouldnt be suppressed for a long time.

After class, Zhao Yumo came over to see her.

Probably because shed heard from the homeroom teacher that she had been taken away, she asked about her situation with concern.

“Im okay.

Its just that Commander Mu wanted to test my abilities, so he forced me to compete with a few special force members.”

She didnt elaborate on the specifics, since it would be another blow to herself.

“Its okay as long as youre fine.

I was so worried.

However, the commander must have asked you to go over behind the Young Marshals back.

Its like meeting the parents.”

“What… Meeting the parents… Dont talk nonsense!” Yun Xi gave her a blank look and immediately changed the topic.

“I heard the news about Liang Xinyi and that scumbag had spread all over their school”

“Yeah!” Zhao Yumo got excited when she talked about this gossip.

“Now all h*ll has broken loose, and the whole school knows that Liang Xinyi was dating while underage.

I also heard from the students over there that the teachers and the principal talked to Liang Xinyi.

They might have to call the parents too.”

During the junior year of high school, schools were dead set against underage dating that might affect academics.

Even if there was dating going on, it all had to be done behind the scenes and secretively.

Nobody dared to be conspicuous about it.

Liang Xinyi, on the other hand, had suddenly become the role model for the whole school.

Her high school had been under pressure from the neighboring Jing High School for so many years.

Jing High School was in the limelight every year, and the neighboring high school couldnt do anything but be green-eyed with envy.

It had even been more unlucky now.

A student had been expelled from Jing High School and had arrived at their school, and now shed dragged down their school as well.

It was no wonder that the homeroom teacher and principal were irritated and anxious.

Such a student must be a bad apple that spoiled all the other bunches.

Which school would be happy to have her

Someone with vast influence and connections had gotten her in, so they couldnt expel her, but it didnt mean that they couldnt offend her.

Chen Lixue was invited to Liang Xinyis high school for her first parent-teacher meeting.

What no one had expected was that Chen Lixue, who had always been defiant, would cause a big scene at the high school.

Now, Liang Xinyi was infamous regardless of whether or not she wanted to be.

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