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Chapter 602: Act First and Tell Him about It Later

In the combat command room, an arrogant figure stood silently in front of the monitor screen.

A beret embedded with the national emblem sat atop the mans short hair.

The rooms flickering light cast a shadow on his sharp facial features, making it difficult to make them out.

No military rank was apparent on his dark green camouflage uniform, but his presence was impossible to ignore because of his strong, calm aura.

The mans gaze on the screen was concentrated on the figure fighting with the wolves.

When she was using her knife, she was fast, ruthless, and without any hesitation.

Even when shed tied Mu Feichi to the tree, the way in which she had tied the rope had been very special.

She had obviously practiced the winding technique.

This was an unusual way of knotting things, not even common in the navy.

She had even simplified the complicated bundling method to be faster and more precise.

Although her marksmanship was not very good, she was definitely a seed worth nurturing.

“What do you think When you met Mu Feichi, there was no early assessment to assess his strength.

How about this girl Was she worth it for you to personally come out”

Mu Chongli had made two cups of tea, and, as he passed the tea over, he asked aloofly.

Yan Shuo took his gaze away from the screen, turned around, and walked over to a table and sat down.

His straight posture seemed characteristic of a stern, serious soldier.

Picking up his teacup, Yan Shuo gently rolled the tea leaves around the teacup.

“This little girl is very special.

She is a good seed.”

After taking a sip of tea, Yan Shuo raised his head and looked at Commander Mu, who was waiting for his answer.

“If I were 20 years younger, Im afraid that I would be just like your kid.

For this girl, I would do whatever it takes.”

It was rare to hear a man who had always been serious and restrained joking with him.

Mu Chongli was a little surprised.

“Its not like you to make a joke.”

“Im not joking.”

Yan Shuo turned his head to look again at the small face with her head slightly raised that was frozen on the monitor screen.

It seemed that she had discovered the surveillance camera in the tree, and her eyes were sharp and full of fierceness as she glared at it.

Those eyes were very pure, but they were also very lively.

He felt as if he had seen again the Mu Feichi from back in the days when hed been training him.

It was amazing that at her age, she seemed to have more courage and tenacity than Mu Feichi had had back then.

After so many years, he had never met such an interesting person as Mu Feichi.

And Mu Feichi had been awarded the rank of No.

1 Young Marshal in the military.

This little girl was really something worth looking forward to.

“If it were in the war years, I would cultivate her into the best spy in the military.” Yan Shuo put down his teacup and smiled.

“However, obviously, the kid would never agree to her taking this path.”

Feeling helpless about his extremely outstanding, yet extremely troublesome, son, Mu Chongli nodded.

“You are a person who cherishes talent.

If this girl wants to become a young marshals wife, with her current ability, she will only hinder Mu Feichi.

How to persuade them is your business.

I dont want to get dragged into Mu Feichis mess one day.”

These two men were the people who knew Mu Feichi best, and they were also the elders who had watched him grow up.

The boys domineering yet introverted temperament could be said to have two extremes, so he was prone to doing outrageous things.

This time, Mu Chongli had taken a risk to test this girl, and hed also risked Mu Feichi flipping out at him.

Fortunately, this girl had not disappointed him.

Yan Shuo had seen a piece of uncut jade that was also a hot potato, and he also felt a lot of pressure.

“That girl… Its easy to say, as for Mu Feichi…” Yan Shuo lowered his eyes.

“However, with your sons violent temper and how he doesnt take anyone but himself seriously, if you want to take this girl away, I am afraid that youll have to act first and tell him about it later.”

“Why, have you thought of a way”

“There will be military drills across the military region.

This year, it is Mu Feichis turn to preside over it as a young marshal, so you should take advantage of this time when he will be gone.”

Mu Chongli thought about the timing.

It just so happened that the girl would have finished her college entrance examination by then, so the timing was just right.

It would be impossible to convince Mu Feichi, so he was going to have to act first and tell him about it later.

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