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Chapter 601: Ill Take off My Clothes and Let You Look at Me

“Come on, let me see.” Mu Feichi moved the quilt off of her.

Yun Xi pulled the quilt around her with one hand and pushed him away with the other.

A muffled voice came out from under the quilt, “You stay away from me!”

“Whats the matter” Mu Feichi looked down at his little ostrich and understood what was going on.

He obediently stood up, sat down on the chaise longue, and looked at her.

With his slender legs crossed, he lazily admired the figure lying on the bed.

What he was thinking about was the honey trap she had used on him in the tree last night.

Coquettish or annoyed, with a frown or a smile, she was irresistible.

“What I should see and what I shouldnt have seen were all seen last night.

Its too late for you to hide now.”

Enjoying her humiliated state, he couldnt resist teasing her in his leisurely tone, as if he was talking about the weather.

“Mu Feichi, you shut up!” Glaring at him with annoyance, Yun Xi turned her head toward him irritably.

“Youve gone overboard by taking advantage of me while I was asleep!”

“You are going to marry me sooner or later anyway, so its really irrelevant whether I look at you now or look at you later.”

“You jackass! I didnt promise to marry you.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“Who do you want to marry if you dont marry me Jiang Henglin” When he mentioned her so-called fiance, Mu Feichis eyes got dark and his usual domineering attitude returned.

He continued, “I forgot to tell you that when you reach adulthood, Commander Mu will go to the Jiang family to call off the engagement for you.

If he doesnt go, I also have a way to get Yun Yuanfeng to go to their door and call off the marriage personally.”

“Mu Feichi, you are unreasonable!”

“Babe, Im just telling you the truth.

Now that you have passed the assessment, you must be mentally prepared to be the madam of the Mu family.”

“I dont want to!”

“You have to do it even if you dont want to.” He stood up and walked toward her.

Looking down at her with a look of dissatisfaction, he said, “Youre that unhappy Then Ill take off my clothes and let you look at me as well, okay”

“Get lost!” He was such a perverted flirt.

Did he really think that she was that much of a pushover just because she was injured

“Okay, little highness, Ill get lost.

Can you get up to wash and eat breakfast Do you want me to provide you with any service”

“I want you to get lost, all right” Lifting her head, Yun Xi glared at him from under the covers.

“Okay! Im just outside the door, so you can call me if you need me.”

While changing her clothes, Yun Xi discovered that, at some point, Mu Feichi had hung all her clothes from the guest room in his closet.

Looking at all the colorful dresses and jackets among the dark green uniforms in the closet, Yun Xi suddenly felt that there was something weird that couldnt really be expressed.

How come she felt as if the two of them were already married and living together

If this continues, she was really going to get sucked in.

She sighed lightly.

Avoiding the injury on her back, she changed her clothes and opened the door.

She wasnt surprised to see the man standing right outside the door.

Even though she used to be unscrupulous and thick-skinned in fighting with him, she was embarrassed now because of what they were arguing about.

“Lets go down for breakfast! I asked for a leave of absence for you, so you can stay at Mu Mansion to recuperate for two days.”

“No, Im going to take my exams soon.

I have to go back to school.

No matter how good my grades are, I will be considered too arrogant by my classmates if I often ask for leaves.

The back injury is just a shallow injury.

I know how to take care of myself.”

She was a medical student after all, so she had been able to judge the severity of the wound.

“All right, Ill take you to school after breakfast.”

Mu Feichi knew that there were some things that couldnt be rushed, and it was better to take a step-by-step approach than to rush something.

What he wanted was a lifetime of being together, not a spur-of-the-moment pleasure.

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