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Chapter 597: Scary Young Marshal

In the end, it was difficult for two fists to beat four hands, especially when facing ferocious and bloodthirsty wolves.

One against six werent good odds for Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had just pulled her knife from one of the wolves neck when the wolves behind took this opportunity to pounce on her and attack.

She couldnt dodge, and a tall wolf knocked her to the ground.

The wolfs sharp claws tore at her back so painfully that Yun Xi gasped.

Just as the wolf was about to bite her neck, Yun Xi turned over and fired the gun she was holding.

With an enormous bang, a bullet was fired into the wolfs head, and blood burst out all over.

As soon as she put her gun down, another wolf rushed over.

She turned again and grabbed her knife.

As the wolf rushed toward her, she stabbed fiercely into the wolfs abdomen with all her strength.

She quickly pulled out her knife, lifted her heel, and loaded the gun.

Shed learned this trick from Li Zilan.

At the time shed watched Li Zilan do it, shed felt that it had made Li Zilan look cool, and shed practiced it secretly for a long time.

Unexpectedly, there had come a day when it had come in handy.

After fighting three wolves in a row, Yun Xi found that her physical strength was starting to wane.

In addition, she had been attacked by the wolf on her back, and she was experiencing bursts of stinging pain.

The three wolves that remained were walking toward her all together now, their green eyes full of murderous intent.

Before she had time to even catch her breath, the three wolves rushed toward her at the same time.

She didnt hesitate and fired a shot into the wolf at the center, hitting him on the neck.

The other two wolves pounced at her at the same time.

She grit her teeth and slid down on her knees.

There was a bang.

Immediately afterward, a second gunshot was fired.

One shot hit the wolf that was behind her, and the other, just as the final wolf was about to touch her, shot off his head with a bang.

Such precise, rapid marksmanship shocked the two people watching the show from their car.

It also alarmed Yun Xi, who was focusing on fighting the enemy.

She turned her head abruptly, and the wolf that had been hit fell right on top of her body.

Its heavy force pushed her to the ground.

Her back scraped against some rocks, and it hurt so much that she gasped.

All the wolves had been eliminated, and the crisis had been resolved.

Yun Xi raised her eyes to look at the man who had jumped down from the tree.

She was relieved.

Shed known that she couldnt keep him tied up with her little trick.

But she had also managed to stop him.

Her battlefield and her enemies… She needed to take care of them by herself.

Enduring the pain in her back, she pushed the wolf off her, raised her head in frustration, and looked at the figure who was walking toward her.

His entire body had a chilly aura.

Like Satan returning from the underground world, he seemed to be glowing in the dark.

The sulky rage on his face was intimidating.

This was the first time that shed seen such a scary side of Mu Feichi.

She was used to him being arrogant and domineering, but this behavior was something entirely new.

However, since she had had the guts to tie him to a tree, she was ready to face his anger.

If it was that big a deal, he could spank her.

Its not like he hadnt spanked her before.

The threats were more intimidating than the actual punishment every time, and she wasnt afraid of them anyway.

His dark green boots stopped in front of her, and she looked up at him along the expanse of his legs.

His dark eyes were filled with ice, and there was a sullenness that she couldnt understand.

Looking down at the girl on the ground, Mu Feichi paused.

With blood on her face and her hair a mess all over her head, she looked as sheepish and pitiful as an abandoned little puppy.

Her eyes looked straight at him, and they were as dazzling as stars.

For a moment, he felt as if his whole heart had been softened into a pool of water.

No matter how prosperous the world was, everything paled in comparison to how beautiful she was to him at this moment.

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