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Chapter 584: Frostbite Can Make It Difficult to Get Pregnant in the Future

She could take away some of his things.

Yun Xi thought about what she didnt have and then took all his dry food.

Seeing that she was snatching away his dry food, the dumbfounded and amused prey handed her some dried biscuits also.

Yun Xi looked at the biscuits handed over by the prey with a look of disgust.

She might have to stay up for one whole night.

If she doesnt take out all the targets, she will become their target.

So, after 12 hours, she must successfully hide and disguise herself.

The temperature in the mountains and forests dropped sharply at night, and she wanted something to keep out the cold and also to disguise herself.

She took a camouflage coat from the prey, quickly stuffed it into her bag, and jumped back into the bushes that were everywhere on this commanding high ground.

As she got higher, she could see the surrounding areas more clearly.

Even if the prey were better at hiding than she was, it was inevitable that they would leave some traces for her to find.

On the monitoring screen, Mu Feichi looked at the first target that she had taken out, and then he leaned back in the chair lazily.

His bold eyebrows finally relaxed.

Although his little rascal wasnt very good at firing a gun, she had hit a target.

Li Zilan was watching the monitoring screen also.

The fact that the little girl had successfully found a prey and taken it out showed that what shed taught her had not been in vain.

When Mu Feichi had gone there in person, she had been Mu Feichis first observer.

When she had gone there in person, as a member of Flying Wolf, she had had confidence in herself.

In the same way, she had full confidence in the students that she had taught.

She knew how capable this girl was.

Although she hadnt yet officially learned how to fire a gun, she had talent and was definitely full of natural ability.

It was just that Mu Feichi was too protective, so shed had to be extremely careful when teaching her.

If shed trained her hardcore from the first day, it would have been easy for her to deal with this kind of scene now.

“Does Young Marshal Mu see how many prey there are” Li Zilan asked casually.

Their surveillance range spread throughout the entire Zone D.

As a first-class opponent, from the commanding ground and hiding places in the surveillance range, she could probably find prey hidden in the forest.

Mu Feichi adjusted the monitoring range and probably already knew it in his mind, but he estimated it a little.

“Hitting 20 shouldnt be a big problem for Yun Xi.

What Im worried about is the pack of wolves in the depths of the forest and the temperature in the entire forest area, which will drop a lot after nightfall.

She hasnt been trained in this, and her small body definitely will have a hard time.

Her stamina isnt good to begin with.

If she really gets frostbite, she might not easily get pregnant in the future.”

Mu Feichi really didnt understand this too much, being a man.

If Li Zilan hadnt mentioned it, he wouldnt have realized it at all.

He stood up abruptly, raised his hand, and pressed the button in the command room.

“Qi Yuan, have someone prepare a helicopter.

I want to go back right away.”

“Young Marshal Mu, whats the matter” Qi Yuan was a little surprised when he heard this command.

“Get ready now!”

Qi Yuan didnt dare to delay, so he went to make the arrangements.

Li Zilan raised her eyes and glanced at the man who was unable to calm down now or continue commanding.

She slowly stood up.

“You can go back.

Ill be here commanding, and Ill switch your computer to real time to show this girls every movement on the monitoring system.”

If this girl had passed Mu Chonglis strict screening and training, she would be able to have good stamina for a long time, and it wouldnt be difficult for her to cope with one night in the wild.

Its just…that she was a baby bird after all.

Li Zilan was also worried about a talent with such potential getting hurt.

It would be even harder to train her in the future.

“Okay, thanks for all your hard work!”

Mu Feichi glanced at her.

The tacit understanding cultivated between these two friends who trusted each other all year round made them understand each other without saying much.

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