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Chapter 569: Ungrateful

The fact that Yun Yuanfeng had given Liang Xinyi 1,000 yuan to repay the housekeeper for the designer clothes that her son had bought reached Liang Xiuqins ears early in the morning.

Liang Xiuqin, who was in dire need of money, quarreled with Chen Lixue.

Yun Yuanfeng became so angry that he went to work without eating breakfast.

Yun Xi also took the opportunity to bring up the issue and raised the matter of having Chen Lixue leave the villa complex again.

Liang Xiuqin was looking for reasons to vent her anger, so she cursed at Chen Lixue again.

“Auntie, I said that if you cant get along with my mother harmoniously, then you should move out with Liang Xinyi.”

“Wretched girl, what do you mean by that I raised you for so many years, so why are you acting so ungrateful You want to chase us away”

Yun Xis sharp eyes looked as if they had been filled with ice suddenly.

Chen Lixue realized too late that she had been speaking out of line, and she shuddered.

“Auntie, if you dont know how to talk to me reasonably and politely, just shut up.

Im afraid you dont remember what second aunt said on the day you came to the Yun family.

Okay, then Ill remind you of who has the final say in this family.”

Chen Lixue was feeling very anxious, but, before she could speak, Liang Xinyi had walked over.

Her hands under her thick down jacket were tightly clenched.

Her fingernails were digging into her flesh to restrain her anger and hatred.

Liang Xinyi mustered a forced smile.

“Yun Xi, my mother just doesnt know how to speak in polite society, so please dont take it to heart.

She didnt mean to be rude to you.

Shes just anxious.

After all, were in Jingdu, and theres really nowhere else for us to go.”

Yun Xi watched her putting on this act and turned to look at her second aunt.

“Second aunt, this month will be New Years, so everyone will go vegetarian.

I will have a test and a holiday break soon, so I will help you plan the New Years holiday.”

“Okay! Your second uncles blood sugar is high anyway, so its a good idea to go vegetarian.”

Yao Ying glanced at Chen Lixue, then went into the kitchen and informed the housekeeper.

Chen Lixues face got very dark, and she glared at Yun Xi in annoyance.

“How can every meal be vegetarian Xinyi is growing now during puberty, so will she be able to stand it”

It wasnt Liang Xiuqin who answered, but Yun Ziling, who had become very obedient recently.

“I can bear it, so why cant Liang Xinyi take it Auntie, Im afraid you havent figured it out, but this is the Yun family, not your family.”

Although Yun Ziling hadnt been convinced by Yun Xi, there was no other way, since second aunt listened to her.

It was good to go vegetarian, lest Chen Lixue, that country bumpkin, get too big for her britches.

“Ziling is right.

This is the Yun family.

You cant do whatever you want.

Youd better figure out what your place is here.”

“You! Youre way too overbearing.” Chen Lixues face paled with anger.

In this era, eating meat at every meal was considered necessary for a good diet.

Although Chen Lixue was stingy in the countryside, her family could afford to eat meat twice a week.

However, the meat only entered the mouths of her children.

Chen Lixue herself wasnt willing to eat something so precious herself.

Yun Xi hadnt even dared to think about eating meat when shed lived with them.

Except for what her uncle put in her bowl, she didnt dare to move her chopsticks toward the food ever.

But the Yun family was different.

Her third uncles living expenses for her grandfather and this family werent low, and their gourmet food was even more sumptuous than that of other families.

Chen Lixue was over the moon to be able to eat meat at every meal.

As soon as Yun X had arrived back home, shed given her aunt a slap in the face, and Chen Lixue couldnt do anything about it since the second aunt listened to everything Yun Xi said.

If they couldnt eat meat for a month, whether she could stand it or not, would the old man be able to stand it

Still thinking about trying to make her change her mind, Chen Lixue turned to look at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi didnt even look back at her.

She turned around and went to school directly.

Before leaving, Yun Xi glanced at her second aunt, and her second aunt immediately understood what she was implying.

The stage was set, and the tension had been brought up to the extreme, and all that was left was for Liang Xinyi to come and play in the show.

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