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Chapter 559: A Huge Honor

Zhou Chengzhe raised his head, and his dark eyes fell on Zhao Yumo.

Zhao Yumo didnt pay any attention to his eyes that were shooting daggers at her.

After all, compared to Second Master Jiang, he wasnt intimidating at all.

Real fierceness has a kind of creepiness that can make people feel as if they have fallen into an abyss containing a sea of fire if that person glares at you.

Shed gotten that feeling once from Jiang Chenghuan, and she would simply never be able to forget it for her entire lifetime.

The usually frivolous and carefree Young Master was second to none once he became fierce.

Therefore, seeing Zhou Chengzhes pathetically feeble attempts to appear intimidating, she didnt feel threatened at all.

She just felt amused.

“Go away.

Stop being such a busybody.

I wasnt looking for you.”

As he said this to Zhao Yumo, he turned and instead looked at Yun Xi, who was standing next to her, and he said harshly, “I only lost to you in the English competition because Id underestimated you.”

“I guess you think youre better than everyone else,” Zhao Yumo fired back at him, snorting unceremoniously.

Yun Xi smiled and, not wanting to start a scene in public, she pulled Zhao Yumo away.

“Zhou Chengzhe, if you have something to say, just say it.

Dont make a nasty scene here.

Itll just make both of us look bad.”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes.

She didnt have a good impression of him, a competitive boy who had an excessive inferiority complex that caused him to also be terribly arrogant.

Many students had been astonished after the results of the English competition had been announced today.

Zhou Chengzhe, who had always been number one in the past, was this time ranked so low.

Their classmates, who were all on the way to lunch, saw Zhou Chengzhe confronting Yun Xi, so they stopped to watch the good show.

“I wont keep losing to you.

Lets see whos better at winter camp.”

There were only two places available for the winter camp, and it wasnt going to be easy for him to beat out all the students from hundreds of schools.

However, the winter camps training team didnt only assess verbal English knowledge, but also common knowledge.

He didnt believe that he couldnt beat out a heiress like her.

Seeing that there were more and more classmates gathering around them, Zhou Chengzhe felt his confidence faltering, and he left after bringing up winter camp.

Yun Xi snorted softly.

After him losing to her several times, she no longer worried about what kind of trouble he could stir up.

A few steps away, Yun Xi heard someone calling her from behind.

She stopped and turned to look.

Completely unexpectedly, she saw Feng Yang walking toward her, with Feng Xifang next to him.

“Yun Xi, Yun Xi…!” Her small face full of excitement, Feng Xifang rushed over.

Ever since shed won a prize after Yun Xi had helped her with tutoring and her essay reference materials, shed been full of admiration for Yun Xi.

Because the topic and the content of the essay competition had all been in the essay reference materials, Feng Xifang had written an essay in advance and then asked Yun Xi to help her edit and modify it.

Taking the same exam again had been a piece of cake.

Yun Xi had only combined the composition topics she had studied throughout the years with the scope of the composition test theyd used up until now, and then emphasized a few key points for her.

Unexpectedly, shed had great luck.

“Miss Feng” Yun Xi looked at her, then at Feng Yang, whod also come over.

This was no coincidence, right

Moreover, since hed just returned from the border, Feng Yangs injury probably hadnt completely healed.

But instead of recuperating and resting, hed come all the way here to see her.

He must be feeling okay.

“Ugh, dont talk to me in such a formal manner.

Call me Xixian, or Feng Xixian.”

“Okay, Xixian, do you need me for something” Yun Xi took her up on her offer right away.

This young girl was still really cute and innocent.

She liked her a lot more than her own two sisters.

“I won the essay competition! My dad awarded me 1,000 yuan.

I want to treat you to a meal.”

“Oh, youre inviting me to a meal, but what about your brother What is he here for”

As Yun Xi said this, she deliberately looked at Feng Yang.

“He…hes going to be our driver.”

It was a huge honor that the young master of the Feng family was going to be their driver.

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