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Chapter 552: No One More Wealthy Than Mu Feichi

No one lived in the mountain villa full time, but it was completely equipped.

After eating breakfast, Mu Feichi drove down the mountain to inspect the Mu Groups camp.

Before getting into the car, he turned and glanced at the little rascal who was standing on the front steps seeing him off.

For a moment, he had the desire to take her with him to see his guys.

She had seen all his people on Tianyu Mountain and even played against them, but she had never seen his team in City C.

This team was the creme de la creme, which he had carefully cultivated and which was the sharpest blade of the Mu Group.

Before he could say anything, she had already waved good-bye.

He dismissed the idea.

He nodded slightly, turned around, and got into the car.

It wasnt the right time yet.

When she had the ability to go on the battlefield with him, everything he had would be handed over to her.

Afraid that Yun Xi would leave the mountains with regrets, Mu Feichi had asked the butler to invite the chef from the century-old restaurant theyd visited in City C to come up the mountain.

Hed also asked the butler to prepare the ingredients so that the chef could cook City Cs specialty dishes just for her.

Upon seeing the chef coming to the door, Yun Xi was a little confused.

Mu Feichi was really such an unreasonably overbearing rich guy.

After considering it carefully, she felt that there was actually nothing wrong with her thinking.

In the entire city of Jingdu, there was no one more wealthy than Mu Feichi.

He had been born the eldest heir of a wealthy and prominent family.

Mu Feichi had said that he would be back at noon, but something had delayed him.

It wasnt until the evening, when they were setting up a barbecue rack at the entrance of the villa, that they saw his car driving up the mountain.

Li Zilan, Feng Rui, and Qi Yuan were in the car with him.

Seeing them coming up the mountain, Yun Xi hurriedly put down the fork she was holding and ran over.

Her pretty face was full of unconcealed cheerfulness and joy.

For barbecues, the more the merrier.

With their participation, the atmosphere suddenly became more exciting.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan brought out two boxes of beer and other drinks from the trunk of the car.

The butler brought the firewood, and a torch stand was set up on the open field.

The sky gradually darkened, and everyone got busy.

Yun Xi ran all over the place.

Mu Feichi sat silently on the side and watched her for a long time.

Afraid that she would get burned or that she would hurt her hands, he stood up and took what she was holding.

“I can do it.

You dont need to help!”

It wasnt like she had never worked outside when shed lived in the countryside, but, in her two lifetimes, she had never experienced barbecuing in the open air with a group of people.

It felt both refreshing and exciting.

She was curious about all the steps and wanted to help.

That was why she kept running all over the place.

“Okay, but I could tell at first glance that youve never done anything like this.”

Mu Feichi skillfully skewered the marinated chicken wings onto the barbecue fork, skewered some other vegetables and pieces of meat, and placed it directly on the grill.

His movements were swift and skillful.

Even his seasoning skills were comparable to those of a hotel chef.

Watching from the sidelines, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were full of awe.

“Young Marshal Mu, why are you so charming even when roasting a piece of meat…”

Zhao Yumo was holding a cup of bubble tea while looking at Mu Feichi with an expression of admiration and awe, as if she was an infatuated fan.

Jiang Chenghuan set up his chair and walked over, pulled away the infatuated Zhao Yumo, and domineeringly blocked her adoring gaze.

“Its just grilling meat, so whats so charming about that”

Mu Feichi raised his head, tugged at the corners of his mouth, and passed the seasoning bottle over.

“Since its nothing, why dont you give it a try”

“Okay, I will.” Mu Feichi had succeeded in passing the arduous task to Jiang Chenghuan by provoking him.

Upon seeing that Second Master Jiang had been so easy to deceive, Yun Xi laughed her head off as she sat in her chair.

During the night, Yun Xi was completely engrossed in this lively, harmonious atmosphere.

With her friends and confidants by her side, she forgot her troubles while drinking and chatting.

It seemed that this winter wasnt that cold after all.

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