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Chapter 551: You Have Ulterior Motives

Outside the villa, Mu Feichi was feeding Great White some goat meat.

Great White was eating happily, his tail wagging back and forth.

When Jiang Chenghuan saw him stand up, he walked over.

After receiving the news last night, Mu Feichi had used the connections of the Mu family to prepare to attack the Han family.

Suddenly attacking the Han family wasnt his usual neutral style…

Unless, of course, someone in the Han family had crossed the line.

The line for him was basically anything having to do with that girl now.

He had been planning to do something about the Han family even before the idea had arisen about raising up the Zhao family.

The fact that he was ready to move against the Han family at this time could only mean that this time someone from the Han family had been involved in the kidnapping of that girl by Crocodile.

The Han family was really getting more and more out of control.

“Whats happened that you have suddenly decided to attack the Han family” Jiang Chenghuan asked.

The three major families had been advancing and retreating together, as well as supporting each other for hundreds of years.

No one could shake their status in Jingdu.

Therefore, he knew all about Mu Feichis movements, but this time he and Huo Tingxiao had different opinions about his making a move against the Han family.

“Cant you guess” Mu Feichi glanced at him, before he turned and washed his hands in a basin of hot water that had been provided by the butler.

“Its too reckless to make a move against the Han family now.

Once the Han family suffers a blow, other families will inevitably come together to attack us.

At that time, the Zhao family that Im trying to nurture will also become the target of public criticism.

Thats too dangerous for Zhao Yumo.

Dont forget that she still hasnt reached adulthood, and even if she had, she would only be 18 years old.

It isnt a wise move for her to be in charge of the Zhao family at such a young age.”

Mu Feichi wiped his hands and replied casually, “Arent you there as well”

From his nonchalant tone, he obviously wasnt taking Jiang Chenghuans advice to heart.

Jiang Chenghuan really couldnt figure out whether he was too confident in him or too confident in himself.

If the situation couldnt be controlled in the future, wouldnt the three big families suffer

Mu Feichi was basically looking for trouble.

It was indeed true that he had lost his common sense and his wits over that girl.

“I wont agree no matter what.”

“Second Bro, you have ulterior motives.”

Jiang Chenghuans protectiveness toward Zhao Yumo surprised Mu Feichi.

They had so many responsibilities on their shoulders, and it was rare for them to become too doting toward anyone.

Jiang Chenghuan didnt expect Mu Feichi to expose him so bluntly, and he froze slightly, before he sneered, “I pale in comparison to you.

But that girl is a dear friend of Yun Xis, and Im positive Yun Xi definitely wouldnt stand by and watch her friend fall into a dangerous situation.

You should keep that in mind.”

“Dont worry, I wont cause any trouble for you two, and I definitely wouldnt cause any trouble for that girl.”

Knowing that he was as good as his word, Jiang Chenghuan nodded.

He didnt say anything further.

They went into the living room.

In the living room, Zhao Yumo was pestering Yun Xi to tell her all about the kidnapping.

Mu Feichi hadnt asked any questions, so they really didnt know anything about it.

Hearing her talking about jumping out of a car during the kidnapping, Mu Feichis facial expression suddenly became very ugly.

Jiang Chenghuan realized that this topic was taboo, and he quickly rushed forward to interrupt the conversation.

“Yun Xi, are you okay Were you hurt”

“Im okay.” Seeing them come in, Yun Xi stopped talking about this.

“You guys come have breakfast with us too.

Its getting cold.”

She glanced at Mu Feichis face.

She didnt know if it was because he hadnt rested well last night or something else, but his face appeared especially gloomy and sulky.

It seemed as if there was a layer of dark clouds on his face, and it made her wonder what he was thinking about at the moment.

Changing the subject, Jiang Chenghuan smiled and asked, “A perfectly good break was almost ruined.

Lets not go down the mountain today.

How about a barbecue on the mountain”

“Okay!” Zhao Yumo, who had always been a simpleminded foodie, pulled at Yun Xis arm to ask for her approval.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi and nodded.

“Okay, lets not go down the mountain today.

Lets just eat and bathe in the hot springs.”

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