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Chapter 550: Still the Best Bait

A small village on the border of country Y…

After hearing the mine explode, Crocodile had escaped overnight.

When his subordinates who had stayed behind in City C didnt come to meet him in country Y at the agreed time, he knew something was very wrong.

With so many of them caught up in one fell swoop, he could only think of one possibility.

It must be the doing of the little girl who was allied with Mu Feichi.

It seems that he had really underestimated her abilities.

His people, instead of bringing her back, had allowed her to escape halfway through the journey.

First, it was bad enough that shed escaped, but then shed also rescued the mole that theyd captured.

However, God had still been on his side and killed them all in the minefield.

Otherwise, he would have had to do a lot of work to silence them.

At this moment, Mu Feichi was probably suffering over the fact that the little girl had been killed.

After suffering feelings of embarrassment and humiliation during his escape, hed finally recovered a little sense of his superiority.

However, this sense of superiority didnt last very long.

One of his subordinates received news that hed acquired after much effort.

Not only did those two people whod entered the minefield survive, but theyd also taken Mu Feichi to his stronghold.

All his strongholds in City C had been exposed.

Mu Feichis ruthless ways of doing things made Crocodile feel even greater hatred toward him.

Fury boiled in his chest, and, in a fit of anger, without thinking it through and disregarding the time differences, he picked up his phone.

“B*tch! What sort of bad idea have you come up with Because of a girl, Mu Feichi has discovered all my nests.”

On the other end of the phone, Han Wanling was stunned, and it took a while for her to react.

She felt angered and amused.

“What does this have to do with me Since Mu Feichi personally came to find her, that shows the importance of that girl in his heart.

Blame your own people for being unreliable.

If youd caught her, you could have used her to threaten Mu Feichi.

Even if you wanted his head, he would have sent it to you.

You failed, and you blame me”

“You b*tch!” Han Wanling was right though.

If they had caught her, she indeed would have been good bait.

But they didnt.

This had been a bad idea with both pros and cons, but if he had caught her, he could have crushed Mu Feichi once and for all.

But they hadnt caught her and shed escaped, so the consequence…the consequence was that he was now in such a dismal state.

All his strongholds in City C had been exposed in one fell swoop.

He had nowhere to vent his anger over all this frustration and irritation of failure.

But Han Wanling passed the ball to him directly, so she was basically giving him a slap in the face.

“Stand up and deal with it.

That girl is still the best bait.

Do whatever you see fit to achieve your aims.”

Before Crocodile could answer, Han Wanling hung up the phone.

He not only hadnt gotten the deed done, but hed also had the audacity to complain to her.

How shameless he was.

However, she was still smarter.

Taking advantage of Crocodiles weaknesses and his grudge against Mu Feichi, shed successfully turned him into a sharp blade to kill that wretched girl, Yun Xi.

As long as that wretched girl wasnt dead, the hatred in her heart wouldnt be alleviated.

When Yun Xi woke up, Mu Feichi was long gone.

Even his pillows had been tidied up.

In fact, there was no trace of him having slept there at all.

After washing up, she changed her clothes and went downstairs.

Halfway down, she could hear Zhao Yumos voice from the hallway.

“Yun Xi, good morning! Did you sleep well Come down for breakfast.”

“I slept great.” Yun Xi smiled, then turned and saw Mu Feichi feeding Great White in the yard outside.

The snow had stopped, and, like a layer of golden silk, the early morning sun gave the top of the mountain a golden hue.

“Wheres Second Master Jiang” Yun Xi glanced out of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Um, hes waiting outside to talk to Young Marshal Mu.

I came in here to wake you up, but you were already up.”

“Oh, since they have something to discuss, lets have breakfast first.”

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