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Chapter 543: Joy of Regaining His Beloved Baby

On the helicopter, the device Mu Feichi was holding suddenly rang as it approached the minefield.

At first, he hadnt held out much hope, but when he heard the sound of the whistle, he thought it sounded like the bells of heaven.

He turned abruptly and looked out of the window.

In the middle of the minefield, near where the helicopter was approaching, there was a fire burning.

Looking down at the fire, he finally saw the little rascal he had been searching for all day long.

From outside City C to the border, for more than 20 miles, he and the Mu Group had been searching for her without any results.

Now, with his heart in his throat, he had finally…finally found someone that he thought was her.

Li Zilan also saw the figure below.

She quickly gestured to the pilot, and the helicopter hovered over the fire.

Yun Xi looked up at the figure descending the rope from the helicopter, and her eyes inexplicably teared up.

He was finally here!

He had come all the way here in search of her.

And now, after more than two hours of searching fruitlessly, he had finally found her.

Mu Feichi…he gave her everything she wanted or needed, and it was more than she had ever had in both of her two lives combined.

After being reborn, the thing she felt the most grateful for was meeting him.

Compared to the ungrateful Han Yaotian who had exploited her in every way he could in her last life, she was so lucky and fortunate to have encountered Mu Feichi in this life.

In the dark night, the helicopter propeller stirred up the sky.

Through the flames, she watched him walk toward her, step by step.

The heavy footsteps, the sullen handsome face, everything was so familiar, so familiar that she couldnt help but sink into his arms.

As soon as Mu Feichi had gotten off the rope, hed seen Feng Yang standing next to Yun Xi.

He couldnt be bothered with him right now.

He looked at this precious little thing in front of him.

Leaning over, he squeezed her in his arms, and, regardless of Feng Yangs reaction, he forcefully kissed her on the ear.

Now that he had his arms around the little rascal, he felt that his tensed-up heart could finally calm down.

In his life, he never wanted to experience the joy of regaining his beloved baby after losing her again.

Pressed firmly against his chest, Yun Xi smelled the familiar mint fragrance.

She felt greedy for more, but she didnt dare to be too greedy.

When she struggled to push him away, he tightened his hands and pressed her tighter.

This overbearing man didnt mean to let go of her in the slightest.

When he raised his eyes, they fixed on Feng Yang.

He knew exactly what occupation this man was in, since his data team wasnt useless.

And as long as he didnt harm the Mu family, he would turn a blind eye to whatever Feng Yang was up to.

After all, they both worked for the same country and its people, even though they worked differently.

However, after seeing him at this time in this place, Mu Feichi had questions about his career.

Feeling like a third wheel, Feng Yang felt both bitter and helpless.

After struggling for a long time, he didnt know what kind of expression to put on, so he could only meet Mu Feichis sharp gaze unwillingly.

In terms of ability, he wouldnt necessarily lose to him, but the burdens on their shoulders were different.

But today, upon seeing him steal the person he cherished most in front of his eyes without being able to do anything about it, he inexplicably realized he had the desire to compete with him.

The atmosphere in the wilderness was desolate, and the helicopter was still hovering in the sky.

The loud sound of the propeller filled her eardrums, and Yun Xi suddenly remembered that she wanted Mu Feichi to catch Crocodile, so she stretched out her hand to push at his chest.

The overbearing and sullen man pushed back and made a gesture to the person on the helicopter.

The helicopter turned around and found an area on a side road where it could descend.

As their surroundings gradually became more quiet, Yun Xi let out a dull yell from his arms, “Young Marshal Mu, Im going to be suffocated by you.”

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