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Chapter 542: Her Future Was Bound to Be Full of Potential

A minefield…

Mu Feichi turned the device to Li Zilan and showed her the skull icon that indicated where the minefield was.

At this moment, both she and Mu Feichi had two thoughts.

If it was a minefield and if the girl was really there, it would be impossible for her to be able to clear a mine.

So the minefield that had had the explosion couldnt be her location.

But, if she had been there, neither of them wanted to even think about what could have happened to her.

Li Zilan looked at Mu Feichi and promised instinctively, almost without any thought, “Nothing is going to happen to Yun Xi.”

Nothing is going to happen to that girl because nothing could happen to that girl.

Even though they were kind of deceiving themselves, the two of them still turned around and rushed toward the minefield.

Feng Yang had started a fire just like Yun Xi had told him to.

When Yun Xi came back, she saw Feng Yang adding firewood to the burning fire and was slightly stunned.

“Were the magnesium rod flint and steel so easy to use Did you start a fire right away”

After all it had just snowed, and the grasses were very wet.

She had specifically entrusted him with the responsibility of making the fire because she really didnt have much faith in the flint and steel.

Shed thought they would have to use a more primitive way like friction to make a fire.

She hadnt expected him to have such an impressive result.

Feng Yang smiled and raised the lighter he was holding in his hand.

The flames reflected his calm, handsome face.

For a moment, Yun Xi was taken aback by how good-looking this man was.

At his age, he had all the calm and self-control that a mature man should have, as well as a distinguished family background and fabulous abilities.

And it was really very rare for a person to be engaged in such a dangerous profession at such a young age.

Compared to Han Yaotian, who was a ruthlessly Machiavellian and unscrupulous wealthy young heir, someone as extraordinary as Feng Yang was simply a rare treasure.

No matter where and in which situations she had ever seen him, his choices had always been impressive.

“Look, its better to use a lighter!” Yun Xi looked at the lighter in his hand and couldnt help laughing.

She moved closer to the fire.

Her entire pants were wet from the snow and the water on the grasses.

She felt numb from the cold.

Feng Yang silently looked at her face reflected in the firelight.

She appeared delicate and soft, but there was also a sense of resilience and stubbornness that ordinary girls didnt have.

“Yun Xi, have you thought about what you want to do in the future”

He could see that she worked very hard to make herself strong.

She never stopped, so she definitely wasnt going to be a mediocre person in the future.

“Future Who knows what will happen in the future”

Touching her cold face, she smiled at him.

“If I say I want to change the Yun family and have the Yun family achieve a place among the prominent families in Jingdu, would you believe it”

Feng Yang didnt seem to expect that she would have such thoughts.

After a few seconds, he nodded.

His deep eyes looked at her delicate face.

“I believe you.”

She was such a brave, hardworking little girl that God would take care of her.

Her future was bound to be full of potential.

Yun Xi smiled.

She didnt know what would happen in the future.

She just wanted to take every day, moving forward with her feet on the ground, step by step.

Just as she was feeling relaxed, there was the clatter of helicopter propellers in the distance.

Yun Xi stood up, looked at the helicopter that was flashing red lights as it approached, and hurriedly took out a high-frequency whistle from her pocket and blew on it.

The sound of this special whistle was a 3,000 Hz ultrasonic wave, which couldnt be heard by human ears.

However, on Mu Feichis helicopter, there were instruments that could detect its frequency.

If it was Mu Feichi, he would definitely find them here.

Feng Yang stood up and silently looked at the little girl with her head upside down staring at the helicopter.

There was unconcealed expectation and excitement in those starry eyes.

He suddenly felt that this night had been too short.

He wished that time would stop here and allow him to extend this moment indefinitely.

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